How to open a graco click connect stroller – 2023 Best guide

How to open a graco click connect stroller? Graco strollers, including the newer models, offer a user-friendly design for parents. To open or close them, follow a straightforward step-by-step guide. Start by locating the stroller’s compact fold latch, often found near the seat and the back.

Use it to quickly unfold your stroller with ease. You’ll hear the click as it locks into place, a great Graco feature. Whether you’re using Graco baby strollers or modern Graco strollers, these steps remain consistent. It’s a simple process that allows you to place your stroller without fuss, making it an excellent choice for families.

While stroller models vary, most Graco strollers open and close using the same overall process once you learn the motions. With the right technique, you’ll be able to unfold your Graco stroller in seconds for use.

In this article, I’ll walk through step-by-step instructions on how to properly open different types of Graco strollers from folded transport position. Let’s start from the beginning!

Why Learn to Open Your Graco Stroller

Being able to easily open a Graco stroller means you can:

  • Swiftly get it ready for adventures on-the-go
  • Fold it up compactly for storage then reopen as needed
  • Use it smoothly as your baby grows from infant to toddler
  • Travel with it to save space then unfold at your destination
  • Keep folds and latches working well with proper technique

Opening or closing your Graco stroller, whether it’s one of the newer models or an older one, should always be done with ease. To avoid straining hinges or forcing latches, follow a step-by-step guide. Begin with the stroller fully opened and latched, ensuring a secure setup.

This practice is essential for all Graco baby strollers, including the modern ones. It guarantees your stroller works great, making it easy to place and use for parents. The compact fold feature on Graco strollers simplifies the process, allowing you to quickly stow it away when not in use.

Where is the Fold Release Lever?

Graco’s strollers, including the innovative pramette stroller, are designed with user-friendly features. The fold lock lever, a key component, ensures that the stroller stays securely closed during transport. When you’re ready to use it, simply release the lever, and the frame effortlessly unfolds.

Graco’s commitment to user convenience is evident in their one-hand fold design, making it easy to open the stroller even while holding your baby. This practical approach is one of the reasons why Graco is a trusted name in the baby gear industry.

It’s all about keeping your baby safe and making life easier for parents. For more information and helpful tips, check out the links on our site.

This lever is:

  • Located underneath the right side of the stroller handle
  • Colored red for visibility
  • Pulling up on the lever will unlock the fold

Identifying and properly using this lever is key to opening the stroller.

Step 1: Release the Fold Lock Lever

To begin, find the red fold lock lever conveniently positioned beneath the handlebar of your Graco stroller.

  • Use one hand to pull up on the lever until it clicks
  • You should feel and hear the lever disengage
  • This unlocks the folding mechanism and enables opening

If you have trouble getting the lever to release, wiggle the stroller and press again.

Step 2: Lift Up On the Handlebar

With your other hand, firmly hold onto the center of the stroller handlebar.

  • Start slowly lifting upward on the handle
  • The stroller will start naturally expanding downward
  • Allow the handle to guide back into upright position

Let the frame unfold on its own – don’t force it.

Step 3: Engage the Frame Lock

Once the stroller handle extends fully upright:

  • Press down on the handlebar until you hear a click
  • This re-engages the frame lock and secures the stroller open
  • Test that the frame feels solid and locked before use

Never use a Graco stroller unless the frame lock is fully latched.

For Folding: Reverse Steps

To fold the stroller up:

  • Release the red lever again
  • Pull the handle forward and down into the folded position
  • Secure with storage latch

And you have a compact fold!

Avoid Forcing the Frame

Whether opening or closing, let the Graco frame move at its own pace:

  • Don’t aggressively force or yank on the handlebar
  • Pushing areas closed abruptly can damage folding joints
  • Take care when kids help fold to prevent injury

Gently guide the motions for smooth function.

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Put Safety First

With little ones in tow, safety is a priority. Be sure:

  • The fold lock clicks secure every time before use
  • The seat, straps, and tray are correctly latched
  • Wheels are firmly attached before pushing

Take a lap around the block to test for wiggles or rattling. And enjoy the ride!

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