Top 10 Uppababy Vista V2 Accessories Review to Build Your Dream Stroller

The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller performs beautifully right out of the box with features like all-wheel suspension, leatherette accents, oversized canopy, and more. But the magic truly happens when you customize it to your family’s needs using add-on accessories and attachments.

After months of testing, we rounded up 10 of our favorite Uppababy Vista V2 accessories that take this versatile stroller from ordinary to extraordinary. Read on for the full review!

Must-Have Uppababy Vista V2 Accessories

Before diving into details, here’s a high-level view of our 10 recommended Uppababy Vista V2 accessories:

  1. Mesa Infant Car Seat and adapters
  2. Bassinet kit – choose from 3 styles
  3. PiggyBack ride-along attachments
  4. Parent cupholder organizer
  5. Rain and bug shields
  6. Parasol sun shade
  7. Belly bar and bumper bar
  8. Tote storage bag
  9. Backpack-style carry bag
  10. Stand and storage bag

While not strictly necessary, these useful add-ons customize your Vista V2 perfectly for activities from birth through toddlerhood and beyond without needing multiple strollers. Let’s explore them in more detail!

Mesa Infant Car Seat and Adapters

While designed primarily for babies 6+ months old in toddler mode, you can certainly use the Vista right from birth with the compatible Mesa infant car seat and adapters. This expands it into a true travel system accepting two little ones.

Lightweight yet Safe Construction

Weighing under 10 pounds, the Mesa is a featherlight carrier compared to many others on the market.

But don’t mistake its nimble design for lacking safety!

It meets all the latest FAA aircraft standards and protects babies weighing 4-35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall. The bounce-free base installs securely in your car.

Attaches Securely to Vista V2

Using Uppababy’s adapters, the Mesa clicks securely into place on the Vista V2 frame facing toward Mom for bonding and oversight.

For double trouble, Vista V2 Twin owners can use two Mesa seats together. Convenient!

Machine-Washable Fabrics

Let’s face it…babies mean messes are inevitable!

Luckily Uppababy designed the entire Mesa seat as machine washable for simple cleaning. Now that’s smart.

Bassinet Kit – Choose From 3 Styles

If you prefer a bassinet-style pram for newborns rather than the car seat attachment, Uppababy offers removable bassinet kits in three chic styles to plop atop the Vista V2.

All feature a vented base and canopy plus easy attachment without tools. Let’s compare the options:

Vista Bassinet

The standard Uppababy Vista bassinet included with many packages suits babies 0-20 pounds out of the box.

An extendable UPF 50+ canopy provides adjustable ventilation and sun coverage. It also includes a rain/bug shield.

Lovely onLatex Mattress

For ultimate breathability and airflow, upgrade to the Vista bassinet with a perforated mattress base combined with a natural, latex-free wool mattress topper.

Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, it allows maximum air circulation for sensitive skin.

Organic Serena Bassinet

This eco-friendly version features an OEKO-TEX-certified organic cotton cover over plant-based polyester and sugarcane panels.

The mattress uses a food-grade polymer free of harmful BPA/phthalates covered by organic cotton layers. All three provide safe sleep spaces with a breathable design. Choose the material best aligned with your eco-parenting values!

PiggyBack Ride-Along Attachment for Siblings

Once Baby 2 comes along, toddlers sometimes get jealous of the coveted front-row stroller seat. Solve squabbles by adding PiggyBack ride-along attachments to keep everyone cruising happily.

PiggyBack Rear-Facing Seat

This fabric sling seat safely holds kids 2.5-50 pounds (and max 44 inches tall) facing toward the parent pushing.

They enjoy their own padded seat and three-point safety harness without compromising the baby’s comfort up front.

Folds away easily when not needed.

PiggyBack Standing Platform

For adventuresome toddlers and preschoolers weighing up to 44 pounds, the standing platform sticks on the back of the Vista V2 frame.

Kids can hop on and off whenever they please – perfect for a child who likes exploring by foot yet is tired of long distances.

No child is left behind in this caravan!

Parent Cupholder Plus Phone Holder Organizer

When adventures involve all-day excursions away, having quick access to refreshments and essentials for yourself makes life easier.

The parenting cupholder plus phone holder organizer clips onto the Vista V2 handlebar within easy reach.

Holds Two Cups or Water Bottles

Dual openings accommodate most standard-sized beverage vessels plus built-in storage fits phones, keys, and more

Babies can’t unceremoniously dump your fancy latte now!

External Zip Pocket Too

An exterior zipper grants access to additional storage space for items you need handy like transit cards, wet wipes, and more.

The neoprene foam material insulates drinks from temperature extremes ideally.

No more awkwardly juggling hot coffee while folding the stroller with Coldplay blaring! This handy organizer adds convenience and hands-free function greatly appreciated on busy days.

Rain and Insect Shields

Unpredictable weather and pesky bugs are part of stroller life. Shield yourself with protective rain plus insect shields attached to the Vista V2 when needed.

Rain Shield

A crystal-clear waterproof cover protects babes from sudden downpours or drizzle so the fun needn’t stop!

Ventilated sides allow airflow and visibility. Folds compactly when not in use.

Bug / Mosquito Shield

Fine mesh netting provides an impenetrable barrier keeping insects completely at bay yet allowing maximum airflow.

No more panicked swatting bees away from curious kids in the park!

Use them individually or combine the set for unstoppable weather protection. Storms hold no sway over this duo!

Parasol Sun Shade

While the SPF 50+ rated canopy minimizes harsh sun, the parasol sun shade takes protection up another notch for extra coverage.

It attaches easily to left or right side rails with UV protective fabric in 3 angles – fully extended, halfway, or closed while not in use.

Choose between two colors: charcoal grey or cream.

Use the parasol to cast shade on the baby’s sensitive skin even at midday. No more attempting makeshift cover with blankets or burp clothes!

Bumper Bar Plus Bellu Bar

Depending on how squirmy your riders get, a cushioned bumper bar or belly bar barrier adds security keeping everyone comfortably in their seat.

Bumper Bar Protection

The padded wrap-around bumper bar shields your precious cargo as needed, and flips down completely out of the way for in/out access.

It even includes a neatly hidden snack tray – perfect for stashing nibbles and toys!

Belly Bar Security

For wiggly toddlers needing an extra safeguard, the belly bar minimizes escape artists from standing or slip-sliding away on the move.

It rotates out of the way when harnessing buckling in or removing kids from the Vista V2 easily.

Choose whichever option suits your kids’ temperaments best!

Storage Bag plus Backpack Carry Straps

Transporting bulky stroller frames easily tacks extra hassle onto trips. Make it simpler with convenient storage bags and carrying straps!

Tote Storage Bag

This oversized padded bag lets you place the entire Vista V2 chassis inside when folded. Adjustable shoulder straps make carrying hands-free simple without strain.

Backpack-Style Carry Bag

For even easier hauling, try the backpack-style carry bag putting sturdy padded straps across both shoulders.

It leaves your hands completely free for wrangling kids, luggage and whatever else comes along! The wide opening fits any Vista model smoothly.

Both fold away into an included pouch when not in use. Travel smarter, not harder.

Compact Standing Fold Frame plus Storage Bag

If you regularly transit via car, plane, train, or other cramped quarters, the ultra-compact standing fold frame minimizes your folded stroller size to fit places other full sizes can’t!

Half the Size When Folded

It removes the Vista V2 toddler seat, shrinking folded dimensions by about 50% into a much tinier 17” wide x 23” deep x 20” tall. Now that’s compact magic!

A standing fold paired with a 27-pound weight still leaves it manageable to lift and carry manually despite the petite package. Impressive!

This mini transformation opens possibilities anywhere space constraints like elevator sizes come into play.

Top Recommended Vista V2 Accessories

While the Uppababy Vista V2 performs well in standard configuration, accessories allow you to scale up functionality in so many helpful ways:

AccessoryKey Benefit
BassinetUse from birth
PiggyBack ride-alongExtra seat for sibling
Cupholder organizerHandy storage for parent essentials
Rain/bug shieldsProtects from elements
ParasolExtra sun shade
BarsImproves safety/security
BagsSimplify transport
Standing fold frameCompact storage anywhere

With the right add-ons, this convertible stroller adapts seamlessly as babies grow into toddlers and your family’s needs change over time.

Invest once in a high-quality frame then customize perfectly for wherever the journey leads!

Final Thoughts on Must-Have Vista V2 Accessories

Without question, Uppababy engineered the Vista V2 stroller beautifully right out of the box. But their accessories transform an ordinary stroller into something extraordinary.

Add-ons like the bassinet, PiggyBack ride-along, and standing fold frame unlock game-changing functionality improvements that grow with your family.

Meanwhile, the cupholder, storage bags, and weather shields offer much-appreciated conveniences when you least expect the need.

With the right accessories, the Vista V2 diversifies beyond a pedestrian stroller into the ultimate parenting wing(wo)man built to last.

While spending $1,000+ on a stroller induces some sticker shock initially, the Vista’s expansive flexibility with add-ons makes it a high-quality investment guaranteed to serve your family admirably through the years.

I’m thrilled to recommend it wholeheartedly!

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