Uppababy Vista V2 Double Stroller Review: Ideal for Two Little Ones

As the mother of 11-month-old twins, I saw a top-notch double stroller quickly go from “nice to have” to mandatory gear. It must transport my dynamic duo smoothly while hauling supplies needed for entire days out. No pressure!

After testing several popular double stroller models, the Uppababy Vista V2 Double stroller rose to the challenge beautifully thanks to exceptional performance paired with versatility.

This Uppababy Vista V2 double stroller review covers my experience using it for family adventures spanning errands, travel, and off-roading over the past 6 months.

Overview of Key Uppababy Vista V2 Double Features

Here’s a high-level peek at a few standout features before diving deeper:

  • Two well-padded toddler seats with extra-large canopies
  • One-step, vertical standing fold with automatic lock
  • Four sets of all-terrain rubber wheels absorb bumps beautifully
  • 15+ configurations from double pram to bench seating for three kids and more
  • Leatherette accents like adjustable handlebar + bumper bar add stylish flair

Despite the many moving parts, it’s engineered for incredible maneuverability with just one hand, whether walking the sleepy suburbs or bustling downtown.


  • Buttery smooth ride quality
  • Easily handles two kids
  • One-hand steering around tight corners
  • Converts to double travel system


  • High price point
  • Requires two hands to fold
  • Large, bulky footprint

Let’s explore how the Vista V2 double flawlessly fulfills both form and function.

Snug Ride: Plush Comfort for Two

As any parent can confirm, a smooth strolling experience directly correlates to happy passengers. The Vista’s plush seat padding, secure harnesses, and smooth ride keep kids content for hours.

Cushy, Adjustable Seats For All Day Wear

Both generously padded toddler seats recline independently to cradle comfortable naps on the go. Adjustable leg rests accommodate growing legs so your crew enjoys tailored comfort for ages 6 months and beyond.

The seats reverse easily so kids can face inward for socializing or outward to soak up street views. Their choice!

For tailored fit, the footrests, five-point harnesses, and head heights are adjusted individually per seat.

Smooth Suspension Absorbs Bumps

While my neighbourhood roads feel smooth enough, my little backseat critics loudly protest over the slightest pavement imperfection!

“Bumpy mama!”

Luckily, the Vista’s adjustable suspension and foam-filled tires work magic cushioning rides over gravel driveways, brick sidewalks, and more for peaceful passage.

The rear suspension and large air-filled wheels work double duty, providing a comfortable, stable glide regardless of cargo weight or terrain.

Maneuverability: Nimble Handling Despite Two Passengers

Whether zig-zagging curbside through a crowded farmer’s market or strolling with a dog leash in hand, nimble handling makes all the difference.

The Vista V2 Double delivers incredible nimbleness. You can genuinely steer one-handed without veering off course.

Tight Turns Despite Length

Despite spanning nearly 5 feet end-to-end, those four rubber tires carve tight turns others can’t match.

The swivel wheels dance effortlessly through small store aisles, and pivot turns most side-by-side strollers struggle with.

Meanwhile, the locking front wheels provide stability when moving fast down hills or jogging over rougher ground. Versatility excels!

Rear Brakes For Parking Safety

Easy-flip brakes flip down with a click when parked, ensuring no sneaky rollaway downhill.

The brake pedals tuck discreetly underneath, away from busy foot traffic. No stubbed toes here!

Standing Fold with Carry Straps: Transport Made Simple

When not in use, the Vista V2 Double folds vertically into a surprisingly slim upright package measuring just over 2 feet wide x 2 feet deep.

Forget awkwardly wrestling a bulky flat fold longer than your own body!

Easy, One-Handed Fold

  1. Close the canopies
  2. Lift the straps on both seat backs simultaneously.
  3. The entire frame gracefully folds vertically together.

It quickly transforms into a freestanding folded position thanks to a wide stance and rubber edge. No tipping hazards here!

A strap automatically engages to keep it securely closed when transporting or storing.

Weighs Only 28 Pounds: Easy To Lift plus Carry

Despite the robust aluminum frame and padding, the Vista Double weighs just 28 pounds. For perspective, that’s similar to some single strollers!

Integrated shoulder straps make lifting in and out of trunks a cinch without awkward bending or heavy hoisting.

The narrow folded footprint fits easily through doorways and taxis with room to spare.

Conversion To Double Travel System Using Mesa Car Seats

While designed for twins and toddlers in the included seats, the Vista adapts for baby twins, too!

Using Uppababy’s Mesa infant car seats with machine-washable inserts, it swiftly converts into a double travel system for wee ones too small for the stroller seat itself.

Expansive Weight Capacity

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller Seat Adapters

Each toddler seat safely supports up to 50 pounds of wiggly children. Meanwhile, the lower car seat adapters handle up to 35 pounds each for substantial hauling strength.

As my petite babies grew into active toddlers seemingly overnight, the Vista grew right along with them mileage-wise! We enjoy years of use rather than outgrowing this investment prematurely.

Tailor Fit for Each Baby

With independent canopy, recline, and footrest adjustments per seat, you can customize it perfectly for each child.

One naps fully reclined while the other rides up, watching the world whiz by. Or save your back muscles when one tires of walking and the other still wants to explore by foot!

The side-by-side configuration keeps them equally happy.

Converting Into Over A Dozen Configurations

If the standard Vista V2 Double setup doesn’t perfectly match your family’s needs, explore their “mix and match” system to tailor it.

Bench-Style Seating for Three Kids

By purchasing additional toddler seats or bassinet accessories, you can customize the Vista into bench seating for three kids!

It stretches nearly 7 feet long, hauling a trio yet somehow maintaining the maneuverability of a single. Impressive engineering!

Over 30 Possible Configurations!

Mix and match components like add-on riding boards, infant car seats, bassinets, and more over the base. You can convert the Vista into over 30 unique configurations. Now that’s versatile!

Grow it from double pram to double toddler cruiser and beyond without buying new gear. This adaptable stroller saves money and headaches as your family expands!

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Uppababy Vista V2 Double Stroller Review Conclusion: Well Worth The Investment

Without question, the Vista V2 Double delivers exceptional performance, especially considering it transports two passengers.

While the price induces some sticker shock initially, cost per use is quite affordable if used for multiple kids over the years as intended.

For families seeking a high-end double stroller spanning the distance from newborn through toddler and beyond, the Uppababy Vista V2 Double is absolutely worth the investment. It will serve your family admirably through the child-hauling years!

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