Cybex e-Priam Stroller Review: A Smooth, Luxury Ride for Your Little One

The Cybex e-priam stroller offers parents and babies a luxurious, smooth ride thanks to its innovative design and premium features. In this in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the e-Priam, from details on features to how it handles real-world use.

Overview of the Cybex e-Priam Stroller

The Cybex e-priam debuted in 2018 as a high-end stroller in the brand’s premium line. With its adjustable handlebar, all-wheel suspension, and battery-powered motor to help push, this stroller aims to make pushing effortless and comfortable on any terrain.

Key specs for the Cybex e-priam include:

  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Folded dimensions: 20.5″ x 23.6″ x 11.8″
  • Handlebar height: 37.4″-41.3″
  • Wheels: 12″ front wheels, 12″ back wheels
  • Maximum weight capacity: Up to 55 lbs

The e-priam frame accommodates a toddler seat, an infant car seat with adaptors, or the Cybex Lux Cot. With its sleek design and leather-like accents, this pram offers a luxury look and feel.

The Cybex e-Priam stroller is suitable for children from 6 months up to 55 lbs, so it can adapt as your little one grows. The infant car seat and cot allow you to use it right from birth. While on the pricey side, the e-priam’s premium construction and innovative features make this a stroller built to last from early baby days well into the toddler years.

We tested the Cybex e-priam stroller over several weeks, evaluating how it handled everything from everyday walks to navigating mall trips and traveling. Keep reading our detailed review to see how it performed during real-world use!


  • Incredibly smooth, comfortable ride
  • A helpful electric motor takes effort out of pushing uphill
  • Luxurious, high-end look and feel
  • Huge sun canopy and rain cover for weather protection
  • Adjustable handlebar and reversible seat adds flexibility
  • One-hand fold makes collapsing and storing simple
  • All-wheel suspension ably tackles rougher terrain
  • Car seat adaptors let you use from birth with a travel system


  • Very heavy at 43 pounds
  • Expensive price tag
  • Must purchase adaptors separately to use as a travel system

The e-priam is ideal for parents seeking luxury, maneuverability, and an ultra-smooth ride for their little one. However, the high price and heavy weight may make it impractical for families on a budget or those who drive frequently.

But if you’re looking for a stroller built to last through the toddler years that makes strolling comfortable for both parent and child, the Cybex e-priam delivers.

Standout Features and Benefits of the Pram

What sets the Cybex e-priam apart from other high-end strollers? Here are some of its best features:

  • One-hand fold makes it easy to quickly fold up the stroller with one hand when needed. No need to bend down or wrestle with cumbersome latches.
  • All-wheel suspension and 12″ wheels absorb shock for a smooth ride even on rough terrain. The front and rear axles both have shock absorbers.
  • An electric motor helps push the stroller up steep hills and over tougher terrain to reduce pushing effort. This battery-powered motor takes the work out of pushing a heavier stroller.
  • A reversible seat allows the baby to face forward or toward the parent. Easily switch directions as needed or desired.
  • Adjustable handlebar accommodates parents of different heights. No need to hunch over or strain to reach too high.
  • A huge UPF 50 sun canopy with a pop-out visor provides ample sun coverage. The extra visor shields your little one’s eyes from the bright sun.
  • A spacious storage basket underneath holds diaper bags, toys, and more. No need to carry extra bags since this basket has plenty of room.
  • Luxurious, padded fabrics and faux leather details give an elegant, upscale look. From the quilted seat to the chic frame, the e-priam looks far more stylish than the average stroller.
  • Smooth steering and maneuverability thanks to the 12″ wheels and all-wheel suspension. The front wheels even swivel for precision steering.

For parents who want the absolute best for their child, the e-priam delivers these worthwhile conveniences and comforts other strollers lack. Keep reading to see how these features performed during hands-on testing.

My Experience Pushing the Cybex e-Priam

We thoroughly evaluated how the Cybex e-Priam stroller is handled on a daily basis, testing it out on trips around town and local strolls. Here is an overview of how the major features stacked up in real-world use:

Excellent maneuverability and handling

I tested the e-priam stroller on walks around my neighborhood, which has some uneven sidewalks and hills. The all-wheel suspension and large wheels provided an exceptionally smooth ride even over cracks and rougher terrain.

The stroller is handled wonderfully, with the front wheels swiveling tightly for easy steering. I could even steer one-handed when needed thanks to the great balance and weight distribution.

Even with one hand full, the e-priam glided easily through turns and around obstacles. The suspension prevented the typical bumpiness you experience with plastic wheels on uneven sidewalks.

Out of all the strollers I’ve tried, the Cybex e-priam offered the smoothest, most enjoyable steering and handling.

Useful yet unique special features

A few of my favorite unique e-priam features included the electric motor, height-adjustable handlebar, and reversible stroller seat.

The motor helps push up hills and over tougher spots with ease – a big perk when pushing a heavier stroller. I tested it by steering the stroller up a steep driveway with bricks and it handled the incline easily without much added effort on my end.

And I loved being able to adjust the handlebar height to customize the fit. I’m on the shorter side, so pram handlebars are frequently too high for me at 5’3″. With the e-priam’s adjustable handlebar, I could lower it a few notches so I wasn’t constantly reaching up.

Having the reversible seat provided flexibility as well. It allowed me to have my son face me when he wanted interaction but then easily flip him around to see the scenery on our walk.

These thoughtful yet unique touches make the e-priam cater to parents’ needs. When you’re going to be pushing a stroller for years, this sort of customization and assistive power can prevent fatigue and discomfort.

Convenient features for storage and transport

Between the one-hand fold, more compact folded size, and extras like a rain cover, the Cybex e-priam simplified storage and transport.

The one-hand fold was a game-changer for quick collapses. Within seconds, I could fold it up neatly with just one hand. Unfolding it again was quick too; the e-priam uses gas cylinders that allow it to essentially unfold itself.

Folded up, the e-priam was compact enough to fit in my small car trunk nicely. I could also store it standing folded in a corner of the garage. At 20″ x 24″, the folded size is similar to other full-size strollers.

Helpful extras like the included rain cover will protect the fabrics when caught in a storm. The ample storage basket with a weather-proof zip top makes it easy to take toys, snacks, jackets, and more on the go without a cumbersome diaper bag.

Between the one-hand fold, more manageable folded size, and convenient features, the e-priam simplifies life’s daily stroller needs.

Easy to fold but heavy

Thanks to the handy one-hand fold system, I found the e-priam collapsed easily for storage and transport. However, at 43 pounds, this stroller is definitely on the heavier side for lifting in and out of a car trunk.

While the weight helps keep it sturdy, it does make the e-priam less convenient for frequent use with a car. I’d recommend it for parents who mostly use a stroller for neighborhood walks rather than lots of driving trips.

For car trips, a lighter-weight stroller that still handles well would be the Nuna MIXX2 stroller at just 19 pounds. But it lacks the premium features and ultra-smooth ride of the Cybex e-Priam.

Safety Ratings and Features

The Cybex e-priam meets or exceeds all applicable US and European safety standards, including ASTM F833-15. Key safety features include:

  • A 5-point safety harness secures the baby snugly in the seat. The buckle is child-proof as well.
  • Locks on the frame prevent unwanted folding while in use to avoid collapsing accidents. You must disengage both locks before folding the frame.
  • Reflectors on the wheels and LED lights improve visibility when strolling near roads at night. This helps cars and bikes see you in low light.
  • Rear-wheel brakes keep the stroller firmly locked in place when parked. Simply press your foot down on the pedal brake to engage it.
  • Wheels feature surface support to prevent sliding sideways on uneven ground. This added traction keeps the stroller stable.
  • Tough, durable aluminum frame built to last for years. Cybex strollers are rigorously tested for safety and durability.

For child safety and your own peace of mind, the Cybex e-priam hits all the marks with needed safety precautions, visibility features, and UL-certified materials.

The Cybex e-Priam Travel System

The Cybex e-prism can be purchased as a full travel system that includes the infant Lux Cot. This allows you to use the same stroller frame from birth through the toddler years.

The Lux Cot attaches to the e-prism frame using included adaptors to create a pram for newborns. Key details on the Lux Cot:

  • Cozy bassinet approved for overnight sleep
  • Can recline fully flat for naptime on the go
  • UPF 50+ canopy provides sun and wind protection
  • Fits children up to 17.5 pounds
  • Quilted mattress pad and linen provide comfort

For the first 6 months or so, the Lux Cot gives your baby a comfy, cocoon-like experience. When they outgrow the cot, you can then purchase the toddler seat to attach to the frame.

Having one stroller frame that works from infancy through toddlerhood saves storage space and cost compared to buying separate infant and convertible strollers.

Comparison to Other Top Strollers

The Cybex e-priam compares well to other top luxury strollers like the Bugaboo Fox, UPPAbaby Vista V2, and Nuna MIXX. Here is an overview of how the key specs and features stack up:

Bugaboo Fox:

  • Similar all-wheel suspension, premium styling, handy under-seat basket
  • Lighter weight at 21.8 pounds but no electric motor
  • One-piece fold but not one-hand-activated
  • Front wheels don’t swivel as tightly for steering
  • The higher price tag 

UPPAbaby Vista V2:

  • Also accommodates a toddler seat and infant bassinet for a travel system
  • Roomier seat and giant under-seat basket
  • Easy one-handed fold but no electric assist
  • Bigger wheels (14″ back, 12″ front) handle rougher terrain
  • Heavier at 26 pounds and doesn’t steer as easily

Nuna MIXX:

  • Very lightweight at just 19 pounds
  • Smart features like a flip-out changing station and removable seat pad
  • A more affordable price point 
  • Not as plush or luxury styling
  • Mixed reviews on bumpy ride comfort

While the UPPAbaby Vista also makes an excellent travel system option, the Cybex e-priam pulls ahead for parents who prioritize an extra smooth ride, easy steering, and electric motor assistance.

For families seeking lightweight convenience, the Nuna MIXX may appeal more than the substantial Cybex. And the Bugaboo Fox offers similarly stylish luxury if you don’t need the motorized help.

Accessories for the Cybex e-Priam

One perk of the e-priam is that accessories are interchangeable with other Cybex Priam strollers. So if you upgrade down the road, the extras still work. Here are some worthwhile accessories to enhance your experience:

  • Priam Cup holder – Attaches to the frame bars for holding parent and child drinks.
  • Transport bag – A carry bag for protecting the stroller during travel by plane, train, or car.
  • Newborn inlay – Provides extra head and body support for infants.
  • Parasol – A mini sun shade that attaches to the handlebar for even more coverage.
  • Blanket – Cozy faux fur wrap to keep the child warm and comfy.
  • Changing bag – Stylish bag for carrying diapers, wipes, creams, and other changing essentials.

While the e-priam already comes well-equipped, these extras let you customize it to your family’s needs and tastes.

The Final Take: A Top Contender for Parents Seeking Luxury

The Cybex e-priam delivers an exceptionally smooth, enjoyable ride for little ones thanks to its padded seat, all-wheel suspension, and handy electric motor. For parents, the adjustable handlebar and one-hand fold offer convenience.

While the high price tag limits the e-priam’s appeal, for those seeking a luxury stroller packed with premium features, the e-priam is easily one of the top strollers on the market today.

We would absolutely recommend this stroller for anyone who prioritizes comfort, maneuverability, and stylish design over affordability. For parents able and willing to invest in a high-end pushchair built to last from infant through toddler years, you won’t find many strollers that deliver a better experience than the Cybex e-Priam. With its clever design and lush details, you truly get what you pay for.

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