How to Fold a BOB Stroller – An Ultimate Guide of 2023

How to fold a bob stroller? I was so excited when we got our BOB stroller. I couldn’t wait to take our baby out for walks around the neighborhood.

But when it came time to fold it up for the trunk, I stared blankly trying to figure out where to even start! The instructions for folding were nowhere to be found, and those red buttons on the frame seemed like a mystery.

If you’re a new BOB stroller owner, don’t worry! I’ll walk you through the complete process of folding it up properly with my detailed guide.

Why Folding Your BOB Stroller Matters

Folding allows you to easily transport your stroller or tuck it away into storage when not in use.

You’ll need to fold it up to:

  • Load it into your car trunk
  • Carry it on trips and vacations
  • Store it in a closet or corner of the house
  • Check it at the airport on flights

Knowing how to quickly fold your BOB stroller for storage and portability is a must!

Pre-Fold Checklist

Before you start folding, make sure:

  • The stroller is completely opened and the wheels are in position for use
  • The parking brakes on the rear wheels are engaged
  • No extra weight, like bags or purses, are hanging from the handlebar
  • If it has an adjustable handlebar, lower it to the shortest height
  • The seat is unbuckled and flat

This will allow your stroller to fold up into the most compact shape possible.

how to fold a bob stroller

Step 1: Unlock the Fold Joints

The first step is to unlock the frame so the folding joints can pivot. General instructions for folding often start with this crucial step. On the right side of the handlebar, you’ll find a red fold lock lever.

Lift up on this lever until it clicks into the unlocked position. This action will release the mechanism, allowing you to fold the stroller with ease. You should be able to feel that the lever is disengaged.

This means the stroller can now be folded, and you’re ready to move on to the next steps, which might involve pressing and twisting certain components, depending on the specific model number and design of your stroller. 

If you have air-filled wheels, make sure to secure them properly, and don’t forget to check the cargo basket and other storage compartments for any items before folding.

This should be a good starting point to master the folding process and, if needed, you can find more detailed instructions or demonstrations linking to or other reliable sources online.

Additionally, if your stroller has calf support, ensure it’s in the correct position before folding to avoid any issues.

Step 2: Fold a bob Stroller in Half

With one hand on the handlebar, use your other hand to gently but firmly push down.

This will initiate folding at the middle joint of the stroller frame, and it’s where the compact size of these strollers really shines.

The suspension system ensures an ultra-smooth ride for your little one, even during the folding process, so please keep in mind that these are general instructions that apply to many models.

Strollers are known for their versatility, catering to active parents who need convenience on the go.

As you fold the stroller, be aware that this design is part of the broader category of travel systems, meaning it’s often compatible with car seats and offers seamless transitions between different modes of transport.

You’ll hear the frame click into place when the fold is complete, making it a satisfying and reliable choice for parents looking for both functionality and ease of use.

Step 3: Release the Front Fold Latch

Now that the stroller is folded in half, you need to allow the front wheels to fold inward, and this step may vary depending on the model you have.

Reach underneath the front of the stroller near the seat bottom. Here you’ll find a fold latch holding the front wheels in the open position.

Please keep in mind that these instructions are general guidelines, and the process may earn a commission of your patience.

If you’re looking for specific guidance tailored to your stroller, consider consulting the manufacturer’s manual or visiting online resources as we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Unclipping this latch allows the front wheels and leg rest to swing into the folded frame, enhancing the compact design of the stroller – a feature many parents appreciate when on the go.

Step 4: Secure the Fold Lock

At this point, your stroller should be in the fully folded position, and now you need to lock it into place before lifting or moving it.

These step-by-step instructions apply to various BOB models, including double strollers and umbrella strollers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for parents on the go.

Most BOB models have a manual fold lock, often located near the middle joint of the frame.

This is usually a strap or clip that fastens over the frame to prevent accidental unfolding. Simply secure the fold lock tightly once the stroller is folded up.

If you’re using one of the newer BOB models, you’ll find an automatic lock that engages on its own when the stroller is folded properly.

It’s as easy as securing a stroller cover or fastening an air-filled wheel – just look for that yellow button or roll away latch and use the wrist strap buckle for added safety.

These strollers are designed with parents in mind, providing user-friendly features that have made them some of the most popular strollers on the market.

Step 5: Confirm the Frame is Locked

  1. The fold lock or automatic lock is properly fastened, ensuring your easy to fold BOB stroller remains compact and secure.
  2. All folding joints and latches are securely in position, so your stroller in one piece doesn’t unexpectedly spring into action.
  3. Give the stroller a gentle shake to ensure the frame doesn’t come loose. This is especially important if you’re about to fold one of these strollers and transport it in your vehicle or store it in the back of the stroller.

The BOB Revolution series, known for its maneuverability and ruggedness, typically has this folding mechanism.

Don’t forget to consult the product’s description and user comments for additional insights from other users. 

Checking these points will help prevent any accidents or unexpected stroller collapses.

It’s all about making sure your adventure with your little one stays safe and enjoyable – just like those sturdy wheels to make the ride smoother.

Bonus: Remove the Wheels for Compact Storage

You can leave the wheels on the stroller when folded, and this applies to various BOB models, including the Revolution® Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller.

However, if you’re looking to reduce the folding size further, removing the wheels is an option worth considering.

To remove the rear wheels, push in the button on the center of the wheel hub while pulling the wheel off.

This step is especially handy when folding a BOB single stroller for storage in smaller spaces or when you need to empty the stroller of extra bulk.

For the front wheel, press the release button on the wheel mount to pop it off.

The ability to disassemble and store the wheels separately is one of the versatile features of BOB strollers, making them suitable for various terrain and transportation needs.

After you’ve removed the wheels, don’t forget to lock the parking brake on your stroller first before storage or transport to ensure safety and stability.

Unfolding Your BOB Double Stroller

When you’re ready to use your stroller again, simply reverse the folding process, and this applies to various BOB stroller models, including the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 and the Double BOB Stroller:

  1. Release the fold lock.
  2. Lift up on the handlebar to unfold the frame, ensuring a smooth transition.
  3. Fasten the front fold latch securely in place.
  4. Push down on the stroller while engaging the red fold lock lever to ensure it’s locked into position.

It’s essential to open the frame slowly and gently, as forcing it open abruptly could damage the folding joints.

These simple steps make using a BOB stroller a breeze, whether you have a single or a double BOB stroller like the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie.

With practice, you’ll become proficient at collapsing and securing the stroller, making it a convenient and reliable choice for your outings.

Tips for Smooth Folding and Unfolding of bob single stroller

With practice, folding your BOB strollers, whether it’s a single BOB stroller like the BOB Gear Pro Jogging Stroller or a double BOB stroller like the BOB Double Jogging Stroller, will become quick and easy. Here are some extra pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Periodically clean out the fold joints and apply lubricant to keep the motion smooth for both the BOB Single Stroller and the BOB Double Stroller.
  2. Ensure the stroller is completely unfolded and the auto-lock engaged before use, whether you have a BOB Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller or another model.
  3. Have older kids practice the fold process before asking them to fold the stroller, especially with the BOB Pro Jogging Stroller.
  4. Always engage the wheel brakes before folding for safety, a crucial step for all BOB jogging strollers.
  5. Lift the stroller by grasping the frame, not just the handlebar, whether it’s a BOB Single Stroller or a Double BOB.
  6. Fold gently – forcing the joints can lead to cracks and damage over time, a tip that applies to all BOB Gear strollers.

These guidelines will help ensure the longevity and smooth operation of your BOB Gear stroller, whether it’s a single BOB stroller or a double jogging stroller.

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Enjoy Your Foldable BOB Stroller!

Being able to easily fold up your BOB stroller will make taking it on-the-go a breeze.

You’ll love how quick and compact it folds for transportation and storage. Whether it’s a trip to the mall or a flight cross-country, your foldable stroller can tag along.

With just a few simple steps you’ll go from push to fold in seconds. Let me know if you have any other BOB stroller folding tips in the comments!

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