How to store strollers in garage? 2023 Best Guide

How to store strollers in garage? As a parent, you know just how precious (and bulky) your stroller is. But when it’s not in use, finding a convenient place to store your stroller while keeping it clean and functional can be a challenge.

Whether you have a single stroller or a full collection, strollers take up considerable space. Learning smart stroller storage ideas will help keep your gear organized and ready for your next adventure.

In this article, I’ll cover clever stroller storage solutions for every space. Let’s look at the best places to store a stroller both inside and outside your home.

Why Stroller Storage Matters

Having an easily accessible spot to store your stroller means you can:

  • Keep it protected from damage or rust
  • Quickly grab it when needed for outings
  • Maintain it properly by inspecting before storing
  • Preserve folding functions by preventing stuck joints
  • Avoid tripping hazards from strollers left all over
  • Free up living space for family activities
  • Reduce frustration of constantly moving it from room to room

A designated stroller storage location makes life with kids just a little smoother!

How to store strollers in garage

Inside Stroller Storage Ideas

When kept indoors, strollers need protection from moisture, pets, and curious kids. Consider these clever inside storage spots: in a baby room, a storage area, or any desired hanging point.

This is especially useful if you live in an apartment where space is limited, as strollers can take up a lot of room outside of the house. Keeping your baby’s stroller in these areas ensures it’s safe and ready to use when you need it.

1. Hang It On The Wall

Installing wall-mounted hooks in a mudroom, laundry room, or garage allows you to hang folded strollers vertically. This provides a space to store your stroller needs efficiently and keeps them up and out of the way.

Many people store their strollers this way, especially if they plan to store them for an extended period. It’s a convenient solution compared to leaving strollers outside, where they might be exposed to the elements or take up valuable space in your home. Even if you used to store your strollers left outside, this method offers better protection and accessibility.

2. In A Closet

Even a small closet can fit a folded stroller. This is especially useful if you have limited space inside the house. For those with multiple strollers, consider measuring the closet space and installing shelving sized to hold your strollers upright.

Storing your strollers on a wall-mounted shelf or rack can be quite efficient and a great way to protect the stroller from damage.

Strollers are bulky and can take up a lot of space, but with some creative organization inside your home, you can make room for these essential pieces of baby gear like a baby carrier or even store a pram securely.

3. Under A Stairwell

Tuck strollers under a stairway or in the back of a basement storage room to utilize wasted space. It’s a great option for storing a stroller, especially if you have limited storage options in your home. Just make sure to keep them cleaned and lubed for optimal performance.

If you have a foldable stroller, it can be even more convenient to find a suitable storage spot. To address frequently asked questions about stroller storage, consider keeping your stroller in the trunk if you’re always on the go, or use a stroller tent to protect it from the elements.

Your garage is also a great storage option, but ensure that the stroller is safe and secure in this location. There are many ways to store a stroller, so choose the one that works best for your needs and available space.

4. In A Stroller Organizer

Free-standing metal stroller organizers with built-in hooks are a great option to keep your baby gear in order in a garage, basement, or shed. These organizers provide a secure spot for your stroller, even if you have a heavy or bulky type of stroller.

You can label each hook for quick identification, making it easy to use your stroller without any hassle.

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient option for storing your stroller, consider these solutions.

Get creative with underused space in your existing home to carve out the perfect indoor stroller spot. Whether it’s in a baby room, a storage area, or a designated spot in the house, you can ensure that the stroller is secure and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Clever Outdoor Stroller Storage

Storing strollers outside saves precious indoor real estate. Consider these outdoor storage ideas:

In the Garage or Shed

The garage is a prime stroller parking spot. Keep it folded and hanging on a wall or hook system. You can also use a backyard shed if space allows, making it a great place to store your strollers. Keeping your strollers in these storage spaces helps leave your stroller clean and protected, ready for your next adventure with your little one.

Whether you opt for the convenience of garage storage or have a garden shed available, these spaces provide an ideal solution to store their strollers and keep them in good condition for future outings.

On the Patio

Install wall-mounted hooks under your patio overhang to hang folded strollers out of the elements when not in use.

In a Stroller Storage Bag

Waterproof stroller bags with vents are a smart choice to protect your strollers from sun, rain, and pests when stored on a balcony or porch. Be sure to seek out bags that are appropriately sized for your specific stroller model. This practical solution allows you to keep multiple strollers in an outdoor space, ensuring they are well-protected and ready for use when you need them.

By utilizing these bags, you can place your stroller in your garage or hang the stroller on hooks indoors or outdoors. This way, it’s out of the way, safe from the elements, and in great condition for your next family adventure. If you prefer an indoor solution, consider using a storage rack designed to hold strollers neatly in your garage or other storage area.

Under a Stroller Canopy

A stroller canopy, carport canopy, or pergola offers a fantastic solution to provide shade and cover for your strollers when they are folded and stored in the backyard. These outdoor structures not only shield your strollers from the elements but also keep them easily accessible whenever you need them for your outings.

It’s a practical way to store the stroller in the garage or keep the stroller out of the house while ensuring it remains well-protected. Additionally, you can get creative with underused outdoor spaces, such as patios or unused corners of your backyard, to find a convenient and sheltered way to store your stroller. This allows you to keep the stroller out of the house yet still ensure it’s in great condition and ready for use whenever you need it.

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Stroller Storage Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve decided on a storage spot, keep these tips in mind:

  • Clean the stroller before putting it into storage to prevent mold and stuck parts.
  • Apply lubricant to folding joints periodically to keep the fold functional.
  • Wash or replace storage bags/bins periodically so they stay clean.
  • In garages and sheds, store up off the ground to prevent water damage and rust.
  • Hang strollers on anchored screw hooks rated to hold the weight.
  • Check strollers over before use after prolonged storage.

Avoid just tossing strollers in a corner. With some smart storage hacks, you can keep your stroller gear organized and ready for family fun!

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