How to fold a jeep stroller wagon? Quick and Easy Guide 2023

Folding a Jeep stroller wagon can be quick and easy. It’s a great way to store your stroller in the trunk of your car or at home when it isn’t needed. Opening the Jeep Stroller Wagon is a breeze.

Just open the two locks located on both sides of the jeep stroller wagon. Once you have unlocked both sides. Pull up and out-expand the frame. To open, Just click the front wheel into place before use. Before using check if all parts are secure and it fully open.

We tell you how you close and open the jeep stroller wagon. Must be following these steps for closing the jeep stroller wagon. These steps are very useful and easy.

How to fold a jeep stroller wagon? The following steps are:

1. Brake and belt-positioning:

stroller brake

Before folding the trolley, make sure that the brakes are set and all straps are fastened. The straps should be securely tied or stowed under the rear seat. This ensures that they do not get caught when folded.

2. Unhook the canopy and tray:

stroller tray

The canopy and tray must be disconnected from the side of the pushchair. you must be done carefully as the hooks can be easily damaged if not handled correctly. Once the canopy and tray have been removed, they can be put away.

3. Pull up the handlebar:

stroller wagon handle

Then grasp the handle at the top of the trolley and pull it upwards. The trolley will close vertically in half until it is fully closed.

4. Secure with strap or lock:

stroller straps

Finally, when once your stroller has been folded into its compact shape, secure it with either a strap or lock provided by Jeep. This will ensure that it remains securely folded while not in use and won’t accidentally open up during transport.


If you use these four simple steps then you’ll be able to quickly and easily fold your Jeep stroller wagon whenever the need arises. This is a great way to conveniently store and transport the trolley without having to worry about it taking up too much space.

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