How Many Strollers Do I Need? Best Ultimate Guide 2023

How many strollers do i need? In the world of stroller options, deciding how many you need can be quite the challenge. Some parents prefer sticking with one trusty stroller that suits their daily needs while also choosing to get a smaller, lightweight option for running errands or going on big travels, creating a budget-friendly yet versatile solution.

It’s a win-win situation that accommodates both practicality and budget considerations. However, some families may find that investing in a regular stroller and a more luxurious one is the way to go, depending on their lifestyle and preferences.

When you have one child at all times or have specific requirements, this approach makes sense. Yet, no matter how many strollers you have, the amount of storage is ever enough when you’re on the go, and finding the right size and weight is essential to make your stroller experience a breeze.

In this article, I’ll walk through when one stroller is enough versus when having two or more makes the most sense. Let’s dive in!

One Stroller – When It Can Work

For many families, a single stroller is all you truly need. Here are situations where one stroller may suffice:

  • You only have one child. A single stroller with different recline positions and attachments often works from newborn through toddler years.
  • You don’t jog or hike extensively. An everyday stroller can handle casual walks just fine.
  • Your baby spends a lot of time in a carrier. You can opt for a more compact stroller used selectively.
  • You don’t travel often. Frequent fliers may want a more portable second stroller.
  • You have limited storage space. Multiple strollers take up room when not in use.
  • Budget is tight. Quality strollers are an investment – sticking with one saves money.

For city dwellers with one child, an all-purpose stroller could meet every need if chosen wisely.

How many strollers do I need? When to Consider a Second Stroller

While one stroller may work in some cases, here are common reasons many families opt for two or more strollers. First, when you’re expecting twins or two babies close in age, having an extra stroller is almost a necessity to accommodate both infants comfortably.

Additionally, as your family grows, you’ll probably need a stroller for your child, especially if you’re pushing the stroller with a new baby onboard. Many parents invest in a regular stroller for everyday use and an all-terrain stroller for more adventurous outings, as the latter can handle rougher terrains. 

So, whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding to your family, choosing the right stroller is a huge decision that should keep the backseat straight.

how many strollers do i need

You Have an Infant and Toddler

A travel system stroller for infants paired with an umbrella stroller for your older child is a handy combo. If you have three kids, you might consider getting a jogging stroller, such as the Thule Urban Glide 2, which can accommodate three strollers in one.

For twins, a twin stroller is a practical choice, and it’s also suitable for newborns. When finding a stroller, look for one that’s easy to travel with and has features like a fold-back seat stroller to save space. Ultimately, deciding how many strollers you need depends on your family’s unique needs and circumstances.

You Jog Regularly

All-terrain jogging strollers ensure a smooth, safe ride for parent and baby during runs. When figuring out how many strollers you need, consider the versatility of a combination stroller that can accommodate an infant car seat, eliminating the need for an extra stroller during the early months.

For older kids, you may purchase an umbrella stroller, and if you have two, a double umbrella stroller is a practical choice. Ultimately, the number of strollers you require depends on your family’s unique needs and the variety of strollers made available to cater to those needs.

You Frequently Travel

A lightweight umbrella stroller easily navigates airports and public transit while saving space. When considering how many strollers to own, it’s important to explore the different types of strollers available in the market.

For parents of twins or two young children, the need to carry one child in each arm is eliminated with the option of a double stroller. While some families opt for owning more than one stroller to cover various situations, it’s worth noting that there are both affordable and luxury strollers available to suit your budget. Ultimately, the number of strollers you decide on depends on your specific baby gear needs and preferences.

Your Collection Grew

Singles or doubles can work for two young children. But once you have three kids, more seats may be needed. Consider an everyday stroller that suits your storage needs and budget.

It’s important to find the best strollers that provide enough space for your stroller needs, especially if you run errands frequently. Evaluate how much space you have within your budget to figure out how many strollers to purchase.

Ultimately, the choice of stroller depends on your specific requirements and the number of children you need to accommodate.

You Want Different Features

One stroller may not have all the accessories and functions you desire for versatility.

While managing multiple strollers isn’t always ideal, choosing the right double duty duo makes life with kids much simpler!

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Strollers

To select the ideal stroller or strollers, consider these factors:

  • Your child’s age and size: Newborns need more recline and support. Toddlers need seating upright for viewing.
  • Type of terrain: Smooth sidewalks or off-road trails? Wheels, suspension, and maneuverability matter.
  • Frequency of use: A durable, everyday stroller works harder than one just for travel.
  • Portability needs: Frequent fliers need more compact, lightweight options.
  • Available storage space: A garage, mudroom or entryway for stroller parking makes owning multiples easier.
  • Special features wanted: Do you need cup holders, storage, adjustable handles, car seat compatibility or more?
  • Budget: Good strollers are an investment. Decide what’s affordable short-term and long-term.

By outlining must-have features and planning ahead, you can select the right stroller or strollers to fit your family’s needs.

Are Two Strollers Too Many?

While managing two strollers takes more effort, the right duo makes life so much easier.

A convertible infant-toddler stroller plus an ultra-compact travel stroller is a common and useful combination. Or a rugged jogger paired with a more agile everyday model for versatility.

If storage space is too tight for multiple strollers, consider:

  • Hanging them upright on wall hooks when not in use
  • Storing in a garage, shed, or balcony to contain the bulk
  • Sharing with another local family and trade off when needed

A bit of creativity helps reap the benefits of having the right stroller for every outing!

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Key Takeaways on Stroller Needs

Determining your perfect stroller solution depends on your family, space, budget and lifestyle. But these key points apply:

  • With one child, a convertible single stroller often suffices
  • Infant-toddler travel systems help fill changing needs over time
  • Active parents benefit from both rugged joggers and daily strollers
  • Frequent travelers require an easily transportable lightweight stroller
  • Bigger families with 3+ kids may require doubles or multiple singles
  • Match stroller features, size, and durability to expected usage

While managing multiple strollers can be a hassle, having the right one for every occasion makes life on-the-go with kids much smoother. Let me know your ideal stroller collection and tips for minimizing the parking headache!

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