How to Fold Baby Trend Stroller: Best 2023 Guide for Parents

How to fold baby trend stroller? As the parent of a Baby Trend stroller, you’ve probably discovered how handy it is for all your adventures with baby in tow.

But when it’s time to store the stroller or transport it in your vehicle, do you know the proper way to fold it up?

Folding up your Baby Trend stroller correctly ensures it will fold as compact as possible and prevents any damage that could come from forcing the wrong joints and latches.

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk through the complete process for folding your Baby Trend stroller properly so you can keep it in great shape for years of use! Let’s start at the beginning.

Preparing to Fold the baby trend Stroller

Before diving into the folding process, take a few moments to set up your stroller for folding success:

  • Park the baby trend sit n stroller on a flat, even surface.
  • Ensure the seat is fully upright and latched into place. Recline features should be disengaged.
  • Release the canopies and pull them forward completely.
  • Remove any toys or bags hanging from the handlebar.
  • Engage both parking brakes to keep the baby trend expedition jogger stroller in place.

Taking this quick preliminary step will allow your stroller to fold smoothly and compactly.

How to fold baby trend stroller? Locating the Fold Latches and Releases beschreibung

how to fold baby trend stroller

Unlock Baby Trend sit n stand stroller  have fold latches and releases in two key locations:

Rear frame fold latch: On the back of the stroller frame near the basket, you’ll find a red fold latch. Unclip this latch.

Handlebar fold triggers: On the sides of the handlebar, you’ll notice fold buttons. Push these buttons in simultaneously.

Locate these two fold points on your stroller model before you begin the actual folding process. Identifying where the releases are will help it go more smoothly.

Step 1: Pull the Front Canopy Forward

If your Baby Trend stroller has a front sun canopy attached to the seat, grab the front edge of the canopy and pull it completely forward and down over the seat.

This will allow the canopy to fold inward without obstruction once you initiate the folding sequence.

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Step 2: Release the Rear Fold Latch

Reach underneath the rear of the stroller frame where the basket sits. Here you will find a red-colored fold latch clipped into place near the back legs. Unclip this latch on both sides.

It may take some pressure to release the clips. Unlatching the back fold latches enables the rear legs to pivot inward during folding.

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We’ll show you how to fold your Baby Trend stroller step-by-step, ensuring that the stroller will collapse easily for storage. Whether it’s the Expedition ELX or a jogger stroller, our how-to video and step-by-step guide will guide you through the process.

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Step 3: Push In the Handle Fold Buttons

With one hand on each side of the handlebar, use your thumbs to push in the round fold buttons at the same time.

If your stroller only has one side with a fold trigger, just press that one. You’ll hear a click when the buttons engage.

Step 4: Pull Up and Back on the Handlebar

While holding the fold buttons, use both hands to gently pull back and up on the stroller handlebar. This will initiate the folding motion.

The stroller seat and canopy should start collapsing downward automatically. Keep guiding the handlebar backward and upward.

Step 5: Continue Folding Until Completely Collapsed

As you lift and pull the handlebar, the stroller legs will come together and the frame will fold inward it will help in your travel system when you take it with your car.

Keep lifting up and back on the handlebar until the stroller is completely folded up.

It helps to gently shake the stroller as you are completing the fold to ensure it is fully collapsed and locked into place.

Press down on the folded stroller to double check that the frame is locked and stable. Trying to lift it by the handlebar is a good test.

Step 6: Engage the Fold Locks

Peek around the sides and underneath the folded stroller for any additional fold locks that need to be clipped or snapped into place.

Engaging these locks keeps the stroller from accidently unfolding and popping back open during transport and storage.

Your stroller manual will show where to locate the locks if you can’t find them. Make sure the fold locks are always secured.

Unfolding the Stroller

When you’re ready to use the stroller again, the unfolding process is easy:

  • Release any fold locks clipped into place.
  • Grab the handlebar and gently shake and lift upward.
  • Let the frame naturally unfold and “pop” back open.
  • Re-latch the rear fold latches if needed.
  • Pull the canopy and seat fabric back into position if required.

Take care not to force the unfolding. Let the stroller frame open at its own pace to avoid jams or tears.

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Helpful Folding Tips

With a few folding sessions under your belt, you’ll have the process memorized in no time! Here are some extra tips:

  • Periodically lubricate folding joints with a silicone spray to prevent sticky folds.
  • Avoid overloading the basket and handles with gear as excess weight makes folding trickier.
  • Teach older kids the safe way to fold the stroller before letting them try unsupervised.
  • Always double check that fold locks are fully latched and engaged before lifting the stroller.
  • Lift the stroller by grasping the frame, not just the handlebar, for better control.
  • Store the stroller in a dry place as moisture can impact folding functions over time.

Now you can feel confident in folding up your Baby Trend stroller quickly and safely for travel or storage. Just follow the steps to ensure the stroller folds compactly and securely. Let me know in the comments if you have any other great tips for folding Baby Trend strollers!

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