How to Change Bob Stroller Tire: Best 2023 Guide

How to change bob stroller tire? Strollers are built to handle everyday use – but tubes and tires won’t last forever. If you notice a wobbly wheel or flat tire, it likely needs new tubes or tires.

Replacing these parts keeps your stroller rolling smoothly and ensures it’s built to last. Regular maintenance is key to preventing damage, so don’t forget to check your stroller’s rubber components for wear and tear.

If you spot a thorn or encounter a sharp object that could insert a puncture, be proactive in repairing it to avoid future problems. Like any piece of equipment, taking care of your stroller’s tires and tubes is essential to accept the challenges of daily use and avoid any unexpected hiccups during your outings.

In this guide, I’ll walk through the complete process of how to remove and replace the tire and inner tube on your stroller wheel step-by-step. Let’s dive in!

Why Learn This Repair Skill

Knowing how to swap out a flat or failing tire and inner tube means you can:

  • Save money on pricey shop repairs
  • Get your stroller rolling again quickly
  • Avoid buying a whole new stroller
  • Feel empowered tackling your own fixes and maintenance
  • Pass the skill on to help other parents

Even without prior experience, you can learn to DIY this repair with the proper tools and techniques.

What You’ll Need about bob stroller

Before getting started, gather:

  • Replacement inner tube compatible with your stroller model
  • Tire levers (plastic pry bars to help remove tire)
  • Bike pump with pressure gauge
  • Hex wrench or screwdriver for axle nuts
  • Container filled with water to detect leaks
  • Rubbing alcohol and cloth for cleanup

Having the right gear makes the repair much simpler.

How to change bob stroller tire? Removing the Stroller Wheel

Start by taking the wheel off the stroller:

  • Engage the stroller brake to prevent rolling
  • Identify the nut or fastener that secures the wheel onto the axle
  • Use the appropriate hex wrench or screwdriver to loosen the fastener
  • Remove the wheel from the stroller

Be sure to note exactly how everything was connected for reassembly later.

Getting the Tire Off the Wheel

With the wheel removed:

  • Let the air out of the inner tube if needed
  • Locate the spot where both tire beads meet and slip a tire lever underneath
  • Gently pry the tire lever under the bead to lift it up onto the rim
  • Insert another lever a few inches over and lift the second bead
  • Work around the wheel until the tire is freed from the rim
  • Pull the tube and tire off the wheel together

Use care not to pinch the tube when prying the tire lever.

Inspecting the Inner Tube

Next, scrutinize the inner tube:

  • Inflate it slightly and submerge in water to locate leaks from bubbles
  • Check inside the tire for any embedded debris like glass or thorns
  • Look for wear, cracks, or holes on the surface of the old tube
  • Determine whether the tube can be patched or needs full replacement

Identify and address what caused the flat to prevent another.

Installing the New Inner Tube

Once you have a new, properly sized replacement tube:

  • Inflate the tube slightly to give it shape (about 2-3 pumps)
  • Insert the tube into the tire – avoid any folds or pinches
  • Pull the bead of one tire side onto the rim
  • Use the tire levers to work the second bead onto the rim
  • Fully center the tube inside the tire as you go
  • Check that no tube is poking out from the tire beads before inflating

Take care not to pinch the tube between the tire and rim.

Inflating the Tire

With the tire reseated on the rim fully:

  • Use a bike pump to inflate the inner tube to the PSI recommended on the tire sidewall
  • The beads should “pop” into place and mesh together when inflated enough
  • Visually inspect the tire position to ensure the tube isn’t protruding

Do not exceed the maximum air pressure rating to avoid blowing the tire off the rim.

Reattaching the Wheel

The last step is to put the wheel back on the stroller:

  • Line up the wheel axle hole with the stroller arm
  • Slide the axle through and replace the nut or screw
  • Tighten the fastener using your hex wrench or screwdriver
  • Spin the wheel to confirm it is centered and tightened properly

Double check the tightness so the wheel doesn’t detach while in use.

Enjoy the Ride!

With some careful work and attention to detail, you can successfully swap out a flat tire and inner tube on your stroller.

Take a lap around the block to ensure the wheel rolls smoothly and the repair holds. And bask in your new DIY confidence!

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