How to Fold Cybex Stroller – Best 2023 Tips

How to fold Cybex stroller? Folding your Cybex stroller for storage or transport is simple once you know the proper technique. This guide, which includes in-depth, researched responses, will demonstrate how to easily fold and unfold a Cybex stroller in just seconds.

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Having a stroller that folds up nice and compact is so convenient for parents on-the-go.

The Cybex line is known for its one-hand fold design that collapses the stroller down small. But the folding method can seem tricky until you get the motions down.

This article will walk you through step-by-step instructions for properly folding a Cybex stroller. With a little practice you’ll be folding and unfolding it like a pro!

how to fold cybex stroller

Why Learn to Fold Your Cybex Stroller

Being able to fold your Cybex stroller quickly allows you to:

  • Store it in a small space at home
  • Load it into your vehicle for trips and errands
  • Bring it on vacations and visits easily
  • Carry it onto buses, trains, and airplanes
  • Free up your hands by folding one-handed

Correct technique prevents damage from forcing the wrong joints and latches. Your stroller will fold smoothly for years when folded properly.

How to fold Cybex stroller? Prepare the Stroller for Folding

Before starting the fold, set up your stroller:

  • Park on a flat, even surface and engage the brakes
  • Ensure the seat is completely upright
  • Pull any adjustable canopy fully forward and out of the way
  • Remove bags hanging from the handlebar

This allows your stroller to fold compactly without obstruction.

Locate the Fold Button

Cybex strollers fold via a button located on the side of the handlebar. When pushed, this button releases the folding joints.

  • Identify the fold button on your specific model’s handle
  • It is typically colored red for visibility
  • Make sure you can access it easily

Locating the fold button is the first step in starting the collapse.

Press the Fold Button

Once you’ve found the red fold button:

  • Use one hand to press the button in fully
  • You should hear a click indicating the fold mechanism is released
  • The folding joints will now be able to move freely

Keep holding the button in throughout the entire folding process. This allows the stroller to fold.

Guide the Stroller Closed

With the red button depressed:

  • Use your other hand to start pushing forward on the handlebar
  • The stroller legs will start collapsing together
  • Continue guiding the handlebar down and forward

Let the stroller fold gently rather than forcing it.

Complete the Fold

As you guide the handlebar down:

  • The rear wheels will come together
  • Followed by the front wheels folding underneath
  • Continue bringing the stroller closed until the fold is complete

Make sure the button stays pushed until the stroller is fully folded.

Lock the Stroller

Once the Cybex stroller is completely folded up:

  • There may be additional side locks that need to be clasped
  • These keep the stroller securely folded for carrying and storing
  • Check for any locks and engage them if needed

Locking it folded ensures safety and prevents unfolding.

Unfold the Stroller

When you need to use the stroller again:

  • Release any additional locks
  • Lift up slightly on the handlebar
  • The stroller will unfold on its own
  • Let the frame fully expand and click into place

Avoid forcing it open quickly. Let the joints extend at their own pace.

And just like that – you’re ready to head out!

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Helpful Folding Tips or Kommentare

With some practice you’ll be able to fold and unfold your Cybex stroller fast. Here are some extra pointers:

  • Periodically lubricate the fold joints to prevent sticking
  • Store the stroller indoors to prevent moisture damage
  • Teach older kids the safe folding method before they fold it alone
  • Always keep hands and feet clear of joints while folding
  • Make sure the frame is fully open and latched before using

Now you can fold up your Cybex stroller quickly and easily whenever needed! The compact one-hand fold is so convenient for parents on the move.

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