Evenflo Pivot Xplore Review: The Ultimate All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore is an innovative, modular stroller that can adapt as your family grows. This versatile travel system can convert from a single to a double stroller while also allowing you to attach an infant car seat.

With budget-friendly pricing and a lightweight, compact folding design, the Pivot Xplore aims to deliver exceptional value. Does this adaptable stroller live up to the promise? Our in-depth Evenflo Pivot Xplore review will cover everything parents need to know.

A Closer Look at the Evenflo Brand

Evenflo has over 100 years of experience making juvenile products for parents and children. They are dedicated to safety, ease of use, and affordability.

The company continually innovates to create practical, problem-solving products. For example, Evenflo developed the first convertible and combination car seats. They also designed an integrated belt-positioning booster seat and launched a rotating car seat allowing both rear and forward-facing use.

Evenflo strollers reliably accommodate growing families. They offer convertible travel systems, expandable frames, and modular designs that allow you to customize the right configuration for your needs.

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore represents the newest generation of adaptable strollers from this trusted brand. Let’s examine how this modular system can serve families as their kids grow.

Key Features and Benefits of the Pivot Xplore Stroller Wagon

The Pivot Xplore was designed to be an adaptable, multi-functional travel system capable of expanding along with your family. Here are some of the core features and advantages:

  • Modular frames – The stroller frame converts from single to double mode by adding a second seat. This allows it to accommodate infants, toddlers, and kids of different ages.
  • Reversible seats – The toddler seat can switch from front-facing to rear-facing. The infant car seat always faces the rear for optimal safety.
  • Travel system ready – Works with Evenflo infant car seats like LiteMax or Embrace to create a travel system.
  • Budget price – Very affordable for a full-featured, convertible stroller. Often priced under $300 making it a great value.
  • One-hand fold – Folds up easily into a compact shape for storage and transport. Auto frame lock holds the stroller together.
  • Adjustable handlebar – The Handlebar adjusts to multiple heights to accommodate tall or short parents.
  • Canopy, storage, accessories – Includes weather and sun protection. Underseat basket and rear storage pocket. Snack trays and cup holders are available.

This rugged but lightweight stroller frame combined with seating flexibility allows you to customize the Pivot Xplore to perfectly match your family’s needs.

The Durable, Lightweight Frame

The foundation of a good stroller is a sturdy, well-constructed frame. Evenflo designed the Pivot Xplore’s frame to provide an easy maneuvering experience across varied terrain.

Rugged Aluminum Construction

The Pivot Xplore has a frame crafted from aluminum rather than the cheaper, heavier steel found on most budget strollers. The tubing features a powder-coated finish that helps prevent scratches.

Aluminum keeps the total weight under 25 pounds while still ensuring structural stability. The frame easily accommodates up to 50 pounds per seat without flexing or shaking.

Parents will appreciate the robustness that lets this stroller handle active toddlers without wobbling or the frame twisting over time.

One-Hand Fold for Portability

Storing and transporting a full-size stroller can seem daunting. The Pivot Xplore simplifies it with an easy, one-handed fold.

To fold the stroller:

  1. Release the fold lock Mechanism located at the handlebar.
  2. Use one hand to pull up on the fold strap in the seat.
  3. Guide the stroller forward as it collapses.

Once folded, simply flip the auto lock clip to secure the frame in the closed position. This locked mode prevents the stroller from accidentally unfolding.

Weighing under 25 pounds and standing just over 40 inches tall when folded, the Pivot Xplore fits easily into most car trunks. The one-hand collapse combined with the self-locking mechanism makes stowing this stroller quick and effortless.

All-Terrain Wheels and Suspension

Parents need a stroller that glides smoothly across various surfaces. The Pivot Xplore comes ready to roll on your daily adventures.

Larger plastic wheels with tread help conquer bumps and uneven terrain. Front wheels swivel for easy steering then lock forward for jogging or rougher conditions.

The dual rear wheel suspension soaks up vibrations for a comfier ride for both parents and passengers. Kids stay happier with fewer bumps to disturb naps and shorter ones jostled awake.

Seating Options for Infants and Toddlers

The Pivot Xplore’s modular seats allow you to tailor the stroller to your kids. With options for newborns through toddler years, this system truly grows with your family.

Spacious Reversible Toddler Seat

The main toddler seat included with the stroller provides plenty of room and flexibility.

It holds up to 50 pounds and features padded armrests, a five-point safety harness, and a multi-position recline.

The seat conveniently switches from front-facing to rear-facing mode. Many children enjoy riding backward so they can observe the world around them. Rear-facing also provides important neck and head support for younger babies.

Installing the seat in either direction is simple. Just rotate the seat, pop it onto the stroller frame, and lock it into place with the easy one-step attachment system.

Safe Infant Car Seat Attachment

For newborns and infants up to 35 pounds, the Pivot Xplore allows attaching an Evenflo infant car seat. This instantly converts the stroller into a full travel system.

The car seat securely clicks into the frame without any awkward attachments or straps needed. To remove the car seat just squeeze the release handle and lift up.

The Pivot Xplore is compatible with Evenflo infant car seats like the LiteMax, Embrace, and Nurture models. These are budget-friendly seats offered separately or sometimes as a travel system bundle with the stroller frame included.

When using a car seat, keep the seat locked in rear-facing mode only. Never put an infant in forward facing as this is unsafe. Luckily the Pivot Xplore makes proper positioning foolproof.

Adaptable and Expandable for Growing Families

Where this versatile stroller truly shines is its ability to adapt and expand along with your growing family’s needs.

From Single to Double Stroller

The Pivot Xplore transforms from single to double mode by adding a second toddler seat or infant car seat. This expandability means you can use the stroller for one child, and then continue using it as your family grows.

Turning it into a double is incredibly easy. No need for complex attachments or add-ons. Simply slide the second seat onto the rear frame. An auto-lock clicks it securely into place.

With two seats, the Pivot Xplore becomes a tandem-style inline double stroller. The rear seat sits slightly elevated for improved visibility. This linear configuration maneuvers well through standard doorways while still compact enough for everyday use.

Both seats recline and can face either direction. Use parent-facing, sibling-facing, or face them out to see the world. Set up the Pivot Xplore to perfectly fit your kids’ moods and needs.

Handy Accessories and Customizations

evenflo pivot xplore cup holder

Evenflo offers several handy accessories to customize the Pivot Xplore for your family. Useful add-ons include:

  • Snack tray – Attaches to the bumper bar for holding snacks and toys.
  • Infant head and body supports – Extra padding for smaller babies.
  • Parent cup holder – Convenient cup holder mounts on the handlebar.
  • Rain cover – Shields children from rain and wind.
  • Carry bag – For storing and protecting the stroller when transporting.

With the ability to switch seat directions, expand to two seats, and utilize accessories, you can truly customize this stroller as your children grow up.

Maneuverability and Smooth Ride

A clunky, hard-to-steer stroller quickly becomes frustrating. The nimble and smooth Pivot Xplore delivers excellent maneuverability.

The lightweight aluminum frame combines with larger wheel size and pivoting front wheels to create responsive steering. The stroller nimbly glides along, easily controlled using just one hand.

The dual suspension system helps minimize bumps for little ones. Kids experience a smoother, more comfortable ride whether cruising leisurely or strolling hurriedly.

Perhaps most impressively, the stroller retains these maneuverability and suspension benefits even after converting to double mode. Despite the additional weight of two kids, the Pivot Xplore steers surprisingly well thanks to the balanced frame design.

Folding and Transport – Compact and Convenient

evenflo pivot xplore  Stroller Wagon

Convertible strollers often fall short when it comes to easy folding and storage. The Pivot Xplore bucks this trend with one of the simplest, most compact folds in its class.

We already covered the one-handed fold process earlier. But it’s worth reiterating that this stroller collapses down small enough to fit in almost any trunk.

Folded dimensions are:

  • Height – 44 inches
  • Width – 20.5 inches
  • Depth – 14 inches

These measurements are quite tidy given the Pivot Xplore serves double duty as both a single and expandable double stroller.

If you primarily use the single configuration, then the folded size seems even more suitably compact. For a stroller that does so much, Evenflo pulled off quite a space-saving design.

The auto-lock mechanism ensures the stroller stays tightly folded for easier loading and transport. And at just under 25 pounds altogether, it won’t strain your back to lift.

Pros and Cons of the Evenflo Pivot Xplore

We’ve covered many of the positives already regarding this intelligent modular stroller. Here are a few more advantages:


  • Budget-friendly pricing but doesn’t feel cheap
  • Lightweight but rugged aluminum frame
  • One-hand fold is easy and compact
  • Convertible from single to double stroller
  • Good maneuverability and suspension
  • Reversible seats allow rear and front-facing
  • Accommodates infant car seats for a travel system
  • A taller rear seat improves visibility
  • Canopy, tire treads, and storage add convenience

Of course, no product is perfect. A few downsides to consider:


  • Tiny storage basket not accessible from the rear
  • Must remove toddler seat to access basket
  • No automatic lock on the fold
  • Fabric seats show dirt more without a print
  • Taller handlebar height may not suit shorter parents
  • Must purchase infant car seat separately

However, these cons are fairly minor given the versatility and value provided by the Pivot Xplore. For most families, the pros will far outweigh any drawbacks.

How Does It Compare to Other Modular Strollers?

The Pivot Xplore enters a market with some formidable competitors. How does it stack up to other top modular strollers?

The most direct rivals are the Graco Modes stroller and the Chicco Bravo system.

Like the Evenflo, these strollers convert from single to double mode. They also accept infant car seats to form a travel system.

The Bravo and Modes match the Pivot Xplore’s capacity and feature set almost identically. Differences come down to subtle design choices that set each apart.

For example, the Bravo uses side-by-side seating for its twin configuration. The Graco model employs a bench seat for the second child.

Meanwhile, the Pivot Xplore sticks with in-line tandem seating. Which style works best depends on your children’s ages and preferences.

When it comes to foldability, the Bravo folds more compactly while the Evenflo wins on pure simplicity with its one-hand collapse.

Where the Pivot Xplore shines brightest is affordability. It costs significantly less than the Bravo or Modes making it the budget choice in this category.

For families seeking value, the Evenflo can deliver nearly as much function at a more attractive price point.

Who Is the Pivot Xplore Best Suited For?

This adaptable stroller works well for many family situations. It makes an excellent choice for:

  • Growing families planning for more kids
  • Parents with an infant and a toddler
  • Any family needing a multi-purpose stroller
  • Situations where a single or double stroller may be needed
  • Parents seeking maximum value and versatility

The modular design means you can literally buy this stroller once and then keep using it continually as your family expands and children grow older.

While not the most refined stroller, parents agree the Evenflo Pivot Xplore punches far above its price range when it comes to practicality and function. For budget-focused families seeking flexibility, it hits a sweet spot.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Review: The Final Verdict

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore manages to deliver outstanding versatility and convenience given its very reasonable price.

The adaptable frame, seating options, and handy accessories allow you to customize this stroller to your family’s evolving needs. It can capably serve parents from baby through the toddler years.

While it makes some trade-offs versus pricier models, the core functionality holds up impressively. For the budget cost, you’d expect far more compromises.

Ultimately the Pivot Xplore presents tremendous value for parents needing an adaptable stroller. It grows as your family expands while folding away neatly when not in use.

For a flexible, affordable travel system, this Evenflo stroller is hard to beat. It earns our recommendation as an intelligent choice for growing families aiming to save money without sacrificing convenience.

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