Bugaboo Lynx Stroller Review: Is This Stroller Worth the Investment?

As a parent, finding the right stroller can make all the difference in how enjoyable your excursions are with your baby. The Bugaboo Lynx stroller has emerged as a top contender for parents seeking a lightweight, versatile, and maneuverable stroller without sacrificing features or durability.

This in-depth Bugaboo Lynx stroller review provides a comprehensive look at the design, specifications, features, accessories, and real-world performance of this popular luxury stroller. Read on to find out if the Lynx is worth the investment for your family.

A Primer on Bugaboo Lynx 

Before diving into the specifics of the Lynx model, it helps to understand the Bugaboo brand. Bugaboo is a Dutch company launched in 1999 that has gained a reputation for well-designed, functional strollers.

The name “Bugaboo” comes from the Dutch expression “boo boo bajo” meaning “extraordinary.” That’s an apt description for the attention to detail Bugaboo takes with its strollers.

Bugaboo was one of the first companies to create a modular stroller with interchangeable parts. This allows their strollers to transform from a bassinet for newborns to a seat for older babies and toddlers. Their focus is on versatile, long-lasting strollers to grow with children through all stages of babyhood and toddlerhood.

In addition to interchangeable parts, Bugaboo’s calling card is exceptional in design and engineering. Their strollers feature sleek, contemporary styling using high-quality materials. The goal is not just good looks but utility – making strollers easy to maneuver and functional for real-world use.

Bugaboo offers several stroller models ranging from standard designs to all-terrain and multi-child options.

The Bugaboo line includes:

  • Cameleon – Their flagship modular stroller
  • Donkey – Multi-child stroller for twins, siblings
  • Fox – All-terrain stroller for adventures
  • Bee – Budget-friendly standard stroller
  • Lynx – The most lightweight and compact stroller

The Lynx model is the newest addition, designed as a nimble stroller geared for everyday use. Let’s look more closely at how it compares within the Bugaboo family.

Bugaboo Lynx Stroller Overview

The Bugaboo Lynx stroller launched in 2018 as Bugaboo’s most lightweight, compact stroller yet at 21.5 pounds. It’s intended as an agile stroller for life on the go.

Despite the small folded size, the Lynx doesn’t compromise on features. The chassis is durable aircraft-grade aluminum. The seat offers multiple recline positions and reversible directions. The all-wheel suspension guarantees a smooth ride.

Parents needing maximum portability along with comfort and ease of use are drawn to the Lynx. It fills a niche for parents wanting a traveling stroller as well as urban dwellers.

That puts it on the higher end but lower than Bugaboo’s more deluxe strollers. It comes in two color schemes: black frame with black fabric or black frame with blue fabric accents.

Bugaboo Lynx Pros and Cons

The Pros

After thorough hands-on testing, here are the advantages that stand out most about the Bugaboo Lynx:

  • Extremely lightweight – Weighing 21.5 pounds total, it’s easy to lift and carry using just one arm
  • One-handed steering – The lightweight frame paired with all-wheel suspension makes single-handed use a breeze
  • Ultra-compact quick fold – Folds down in seconds into a petite size for storage and transport
  • Car seat compatible – Use infant car seats with adaptors for newborn babies
  • All-wheel suspension – Provides an ultra-smooth ride over cracked sidewalks, curbs and other bumps
  • Adjustable handlebar – Accommodates parents of varying heights
  • Reversible seat – Allows baby to face parent or front for interactive strolling
  • Large storage basket – A Roomy basket holds heavier items like diaper bags
  • Full sun canopy – UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s rays
  • Hand brake – Gives control when descending hills and ramps
  • High-quality construction – Made to last through years of use

The Cons

No stroller is perfect. Here are a few potential cons to consider:

  • Expensive price – depending on accessories
  • Limited color options – Only available in black with black or blue accents
  • No standing fold – Folds flat rather than upright like other Bugaboo models
  • No simultaneous use of infant seat and regular seat – Must switch between the two
  • Full recline blocks rear basket access – Can’t reach basket when seat fully reclined
  • Wheels lack tread – Not ideal for off-roading

Now let’s look at the key specs and components that define this versatile stroller.

Bugaboo Lynx Stroller Features and Specifications

Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame

Weighing in at 21.5 pounds, the Bugaboo Lynx is Bugaboo’s lightest stroller. This aids in maneuverability and makes it easy to carry when folded.

Yet the aircraft-grade aluminum frame maintains the strength and durability that the Bugaboo brand is known for. The materials resist corrosion so the frame maintains structural integrity even with heavy use over years.

The aluminum extends to the telescoping handlebar and curved carry handle when collapsed. Reviewers note that the frame feels very solid rather than flimsy. The tubing is thick enough to avoid flexing.

Compact Folding Design

The quick one-hand folding mechanism makes the Bugaboo Lynx extremely portable. It takes just seconds to fold down. Once folded, it measures:

  • Folded height: 21”
  • Folded width: 25”
  • Folded depth: 33”

The folded dimensions are compact enough to store in small car trunks or slide under airplane seats. The total folded package weighs 21.5 pounds, which is easy for most individuals to pick up and carry one-handed.

Unlike some other Bugaboo models, the Lynx does not stand upright when folded. It lays flat instead. However, the extendable luggage-style handle makes it easy to roll the folded Lynx if your hands are full.

All-Wheel Suspension and Foam-Filled Tires

Smooth maneuverability comes courtesy of the foam-filled rubber tires and all-wheel suspension system.

Going over uneven sidewalks, curbs, or gravel is no problem thanks to the independent suspension paired with tires containing flexible foam. Together these components absorb shock to prevent a bumpy uncomfortable ride.

Most users describe the ride as feeling similar to a high-end jogging pram. The Lynx glides smoothly over small bumps and cracks that would normally jar the stroller (and baby). The ease of pushing contributes to the one-handed maneuverability.

Hand Brake for Speed Control

The hand brake on the handlebar gives you speed and stopping control even when descending hills and ramps. Simply squeeze the hand brake to slow the stroller as needed.

This is an important safety feature, especially useful for parents in hilly urban areas. Runaway strollers are no longer a concern with the hand brake assist.

Reversible Seat

Like all Bugaboo strollers, the Lynx seat can switch directions for both parent-facing and world-facing options. The seat has marked left and right sides. Simply lift and pivot to reverse as desired.

Parents love having the ability for baby to face them when small. Then as baby gets older, switching the seat outward allows them to view the sights on strolls.

The seat rotates a full 180 degrees in either direction. An audible click ensures you’ve locked it into the chosen position.

Multiple Recline Positions

Bugaboo designed the seat with three reclined positions to accommodate sleeping infants as well as upright toddlers. Adjust the recline angle easily using the rounded recline handle at the back of the seat.

  • Upright – Suitable for awake, older babies and toddlers to view their surroundings
  • Semi-reclined – Allows some reclining for tired babies but is still semi-upright
  • Fully reclined – About 150 degrees for napping infants

The full recline allows newborn babies to lie flat. Once the baby can sit up, the more upright positions are recommended to keep an eye on the surroundings.

Spacious Underseat Basket

Despite the compact frame, the Bugaboo Lynx can hold up to 22 pounds in the underseat basket. For comparison, this is more capacity than the Bugaboo Cameleon basket.

The basket is reachable from all sides to simplify loading and unloading. The downside is that when the seat is fully reclined, access is limited from the rear. But from the sides and front, you can easily throw a diaper bag or purse underneath.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

Bugaboo designed the handlebar to extend from 34” up to 42” from the ground. This accommodates parents and caregivers of different heights.

To change the handlebar height, push the buttons on either side and slide up or down. There are three height positions available.

Large Sun Canopy

The oversized sun canopy provides plenty of shade from the sun’s rays. Made from ripstop fabric, it’s both lightweight and durable.

The extendable canopy achieves UPF 50+ sun protection. An additional pop-out visor on top gives extra coverage when fully extended. For added airflow on hot days, the back of the canopy includes mesh ventilation.

Parents say the sun canopy is larger than on most strollers in this price range. The peekaboo window with magnetic closure allows you to check on your baby too.

Car Seat Adaptability

With the right car seat adaptors, the Bugaboo Lynx accommodates popular infant car seat models. This allows you to use it as a travel system stroller for newborns.

It’s compatible with car seats from Nuna, Cybex, Chicco, Peg Perego, Maxi-Cosi, and more. The adaptors click securely into place and are easy to remove when no longer needed.

Do note the Lynx does not allow simultaneous use of the regular seat and infant car seat. One or the other may be used, but not both at once.

How the Bugaboo Lynx Compares to Other Bugaboo Strollers

Within the Bugaboo family, the Lynx distinguishes itself as follows:

Bugaboo Cameleon – The Cameleon offers more flexibility to use a bassinet, infant car seat, and regular seat at the same time. But it’s heavier at 26 pounds and bigger when folded. The Lynx has simpler seat options but its lighter weight and smaller fold make it better suited for travel.

Bugaboo Donkey – The Donkey is Bugaboo’s largest, most versatile stroller able to hold up to 3 children. It has more seating options but weighs 37 pounds. The Lynx only holds 1 child but its lighter weight and smaller fold make it far easier to use for everyday outings and trips.

Bugaboo Bee – The Bee costs less than the Lynx but doesn’t have an all-wheel suspension, a reversible seat, or a hand brake. The Lynx justifies its higher price with more robust features and versatility for use with infants through the toddler years.

Bugaboo Fox – The Fox is Bugaboo’s high-performance all-terrain stroller. It has more suspension travel and tread on the tires for off-road adventures. But it’s heavier than the Lynx and doesn’t fold as compact. The Lynx is better suited for urban use rather than hardcore trails.

Bugaboo Ant – This newer 2021 stroller has a similar weight and compact folding size to the Lynx. Key differences are the Ant’s lower price point, lack of hand brake, smaller sun canopy, and use of canvas rather than ripstop for the seat fabric. The Lynx remains the better choice if your budget allows.

Overall – The Bugaboo Lynx hits a sweet spot in the lineup for parents wanting a maneuverable, lightweight stroller for everyday use, travel, city living, and more. It folds down smaller than the Cameleon, Fox, and Donkey while offering robust features missing on the budget-friendly Bee model.

Next, let’s look at how the Lynx stacks up against rival luxury strollers outside the Bugaboo family.

How the Bugaboo Lynx Compares to Other Premium Strollers

The main alternatives to consider in the same premium price range as the Bugaboo Lynx include:

UPPAbaby Vista

  • Very similar weight at 26 lbs
  • Includes bassinet for newborns
  • Slightly larger fold but still compact
  • More color options are available
  • Heavier than the Lynx when a double stroller setup used
  • Suspension and maneuverability are nearly equal


  • Extremely similar weight, size, and fold
  • Higher price point around $700+
  • The seat has a one-step recline rather than multiple positions
  • Can use a car seat and regular seat simultaneously

Cybex Priam

  • Luxury stroller with lots of seating options
  • Heavier than Lynx at 28 lbs
  • A larger fold with more creases is trickier
  • More versatility for infant and combination use
  • Suspension is comparable to a smooth ride


  • Excellent lightweight stroller alternative
  • Lighter frame than Lynx but lacks suspension
  • Smaller sunshade and storage basket
  • Budget-friendly
  • The seat has one position rather than multiple

Based on comparable specifications, features, real-world testing, reviews, and pricing, the Bugaboo Lynx holds its own against others in the premium stroller category. The combination of lightweight, compact fold, adjustable recline, and all-wheel suspension make it a standout choice.

Your particular needs and budget will decide which option is best. But the Lynx satisfies parents wanting the high-end Bugaboo experience in a nimble, portable package without going overboard on price.

Add-Ons and Accessories for the Bugaboo Lynx

One advantage of the Bugaboo line is the interchangeable add-ons and accessories to customize your stroller. Options for the Lynx include:

  • Footmuff – The footmuff keeps the baby’s legs and feet warm in cold weather. It’s tailored to fit the Lynx seat precisely. Made with insulation and soft fleece lining. Attaches using zippers or straps.
  • Parasol – The parasol clips on to provide UPF 50+ sun protection from the elements. Pops open and closed easily. Best used with the seat forward-facing.
  • Cup holder – The cup holder securely holds your coffee, water bottle, or other beverage during strolls. Attaches to the frame bars or handlebar.
  • Transport bag – This carrying case allows you to check the folded Lynx as luggage when traveling by plane or train. It rolls using the attached telescoping handle.
  • Bassinet – Allow newborn babies to lie flat by adding a bassinet. Must be used in lieu of the seat until baby can sit up. Soft padded mattress included.
  • Baby seat – A secondary infant car seat can be added using additional car seat adaptors for twins or younger siblings.
  • Riding board – Older siblings can stand on the riding board attached to the back once the baby transitions to the seat.

With the range of custom add-ons, you can tailor your Lynx to each stage of your child’s development. The versatile modular system accommodates changing needs as your family grows.

Who is the Bugaboo Lynx Best Suited For?

Given its lightweight compact design and robust feature set, the Bugaboo Lynx earns its spot as a wonderful choice for:

  • Traveling parents – The quick one-hand fold combined with light weight make airport trips, road trips, or other travel a breeze.
  • Urban dwellers – Navigating crowded city sidewalks and store aisles is easy with the nimble size and tight turning radius.
  • Public transportation users – Easily fold it up when hopping on a bus or train or stowing in a taxi.
  • Apartment living – The compact fold makes storing in tight spaces more manageable.
  • Car seat users – Thanks to car seat adaptability, the Lynx works for babies from birth through the toddler years.
  • Light packers – When you don’t want to sacrifice features for portability, the Lynx fits the bill.
  • Tall parents – The telescoping handlebar adjusts for parents or caregivers of varying heights.
  • Second child – Having a lightweight single stroller for a new baby when your first child uses a larger stroller already.
  • Grandparents or caregivers – The one-hand fold makes it easy for grandparents to collapse when helping care for grandkids.
  • Hilly cities – The hand brake gives control when going downhill compared to some other umbrella strollers.

The Bugaboo Lynx suits families needing excellent maneuverability, lightweight for carrying, and compact folding for storage and travel.

The Verdict: An Outstanding Lightweight Stroller Worth the Cost

If you want the high-end quality and features of a full-size convertible stroller but need maximum portability and easy transport, the Bugaboo Lynx delivers. This intelligently designed stroller combines the best features of Bugaboo

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