Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stroller Review: A Top Pick for Growing Families

The newly released Silver Cross Wave stroller for 2021 has created quite a buzz among parents looking for a high-end yet versatile option for their growing family. As a recent addition to Silver Cross’ luxury pram lineup, the Wave offers the signature quality and craftsmanship the British brand is renowned for, now with enhanced convertibility and features for siblings and toddlers.

In this Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stroller Review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this impressive stroller. You’ll learn how the Wave adapts for growing toddlers while still nurturing newborns, see how it performs for real-life parents, and get the details on configurations, foldability, maneuverability, and more. Let’s dive in!

What Makes the Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stand Out?

The Wave has secured its spot as a top luxury stroller release for 2021 thanks to several standout qualities:

  • It continues the Silver Cross legacy of over 125 years of experience crafting prams and pushchairs in Great Britain.
  • The Wave introduces innovative features like an adjustable recline, a convertible seat, and an expandable capacity to accommodate two children.
  • Advanced engineering provides an ultralight frame and smooth ride for both toddlers and infants.
  • Wave 2021 owners rave about the versatile configurations, ample storage, and sleek styling with supple leatherette and wool fabrics.
  • When compared to similar higher-end strollers, the Wave consistently earns top marks for quality, performance, and adaptability.

In a market crowded with luxury stroller contenders, the Wave rises above with its heirloom-quality craftsmanship and flexible functionality.

Is the Wave 2021 Suitable for Your Family?

Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stroller Review

What sets the Silver Cross Wave apart is its ability to truly grow with your family. Let’s look at who can benefit from this flexible stroller:

  • For tandem seating, the Wave transitions from single to double mode by adding a second seat. This lets it accommodate siblings close in age.
  • The Wave works for children from birth through 55 lbs, adapting as your toddler gets bigger and your infant becomes a toddler.
  • You can use the Wave as a single stroller for one child, then convert it to double when baby Two arrives.
  • It accepts certain infant car seats like the Cybex Aton and Silver Cross Simplicity, so it works for newborns too.
  • Despite its size, the Wave maneuvers well thanks to foam-filled tires and swivel front wheels.

Truly versatile strollers like the Wave 2021 enable multiple children, newborns, and toddlers alike to ride in comfort.

How the Wave 2021 Addresses Specific Needs

When evaluating high-end strollers, it’s important to assess how well they address common parent pain points. Here’s how the Wave measures up:

  • The multi-position recline keeps toddlers and infants comfy while rear-facing for safety.
  • There’s ample storage space including a large basket and rear pocket for diaper bags and supplies.
  • The aluminum alloy frame keeps weight down while remaining durable enough for two growing kids.
  • Larger rear wheels and suspension provide a smooth ride whether on city streets or off-road.
  • Compared to brands like Bugaboo, the Wave scores higher on flexibility and ease of folding.

By both pampering passengers and simplifying life for parents, the Wave hits all the marks for real-world functionality.

Unique Features and Specs of the Wave 2021

The Wave doesn’t just borrow features from other Silver Cross strollers – it introduces original engineering and design elements:

  • An innovative recline system with 30 positions to customize your child’s comfort and safety.
  • At just 26 lbs, the aircraft-grade aluminum frame keeps weight manageable without sacrificing strength.
  • The patented adjustable handlebar adapts for parents of different heights.
  • For storage, the Wave includes a capacious basket, rear pocket, and attachable Tote bag.
  • Ventilated fabrics, mesh canopies, and retractable window blinds regulate temperature.

Thoughtful touches like these make the Wave 2021 a standout.

Practical Tips and Maintenance for Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stroller

Investing in a premium stroller like the Silver Cross Wave makes sense if you understand how to care for it. Here are some expert tips:

  • Use a stroller cleaning spray and damp cloth to keep leather and metal parts spotless.
  • Understand warranty coverage, which parts are user-replaceable, and where to get repairs.
  • When folding, be sure to remove seats and follow the guidance in the manual to avoid damaging parts.
  • Pick a stroller bag or cover and use straps to secure it when transporting or storing.

As with any high-end gear, proper care and maintenance will ensure your Wave lasts through years of family adventures.

Alternative stroller to consider besides the Silver Cross Wave:

Bugaboo Donkey

Like the Wave, the Bugaboo Donkey is a convertible stroller that can switch between single and double configurations. It has a similar price point and high-end quality. The Donkey has larger foam tires than the Wave which some parents prefer for rougher terrain. However, it weighs more and folds more bulky.

Baby Jogger City Select

For a more budget-friendly convertible tandem stroller, the Baby Jogger City Select gets high marks. It accepts two infant car seats and has over 20 configurations. The seating isn’t as plush and the fold is a bit tricky, but a great option under $500.

UPPAbaby Vista

UPPAbaby’s Vista is arguably the Wave’s biggest competitor for a premium convertible stroller. It excels at adapting to multiple children with a rumble seat and piggyback board options. The Vista doesn’t offer as posh of fabrics and details as the Wave, but the performance is comparable.

Here is a comparison table of the Silver Cross Wave and some top alternative convertible strollers:


Bugaboo Donkey

Baby Jogger City Select

UPPAbaby Vista



32 lbs

28 lbs

26 lbs

Fold Size

37" x 25" x 16"

17" x 25" x 10"

21.5" x 18" x 11.5"


Over 20



Infant Car Seat Compatible




Converts Single to Double




Maximum Weight

55 lbs per seat

45 lbs per seat

50 lbs per seat









At the End of Silver Cross Wave 2021 Stroller Review

The newly released Silver Cross Wave checks all the boxes for what parents want in a convertible stroller durability, comfort, storage, and flexibility. Its ability to nurture a newborn and then adapt into a double stroller is truly unique.

While the Wave does have a luxury price tag, the combination of heritage quality, innovative engineering, and versatile configurations makes it well worth the investment for families needing a stroller to grow with their children. The Wave is sure to provide both eye-catching style and enduring performance.

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