Bugaboo Fox 3 Review: An In-Depth Look in Luxury Stroller 

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is the latest release from the luxury Dutch stroller brand known for their high-performance designs. This new model builds upon the popularity of the Fox 2 with critical upgrades and an even more premium design.

In this detailed Bugaboo Fox 3 review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this stroller’s features, performance, and whether it’s worth the lofty price tag.

An Overview of Bugaboo as a Stroller Brand

Bugaboo made a splash in the stroller world in 1999 with their iconic Frog model. This innovative, modular stroller was unlike anything else on the market.

Known for their use of high-end materials like aluminum and leather, Bugaboo strollers are designed to be robust yet sleek. They quickly became a status symbol among luxury-seeking parents.

Other popular Bugaboo strollers over the years have included:

  • Cameleon – Modular stroller with a reversible seat
  • Bee – Lightweight model good for travel
  • Donkey – Multifunction design that can hold multiple children
  • Buffalo – The brand’s luxury all-terrain stroller

The Fox model launched in 2018 as a versatile, maneuverable stroller capable of tackling terrain. The newly released Fox 3 improves upon this winning design.

Some key things to know about Bugaboo as a brand:

  • Founded in Amsterdam in 1999
  • Known for sleek, modern stroller designs
  • It uses high-quality materials like aluminum leather.
  • Strollers are modular and customizable
  • Designed for performance and maneuverability
  • Premium price points 
  • Status symbol among luxury-seeking parents

The Bugaboo Fox 3 lives up to the brand’s reputation for premium quality and innovation. Let’s look at what sets this new model apart.

Bugaboo Fox 3 Key Features and Specs

The Fox 3 shares the same versatile design as the Fox 2 but steps things up with upgraded features and details.

Key specs:

Weight21.8 lbs
Width23.6 inches
Length41.7 inches
Height40.6 inches
Weight Limit55 lbs
Seat Depth23 inches
Wheel Size9 inches front, 12 inches rear

Pros and Cons of Bugaboo Fox 3


  • Extremely manoeuvrable and easy steering
  • Rides smoothly over any terrain
  • Reversible seat with multiple recline options
  • The roomy basket holds lots of cargo
  • A tall handlebar fits most parents
  • Compact, intuitive folding design
  • Chic styling and premium details
  • Customizable with accessories
  • Car seat compatible for baby


  • Heavy at nearly 22 lbs
  • Not the easiest to carry upstairs
  • Fabric sets and accessories add to the cost
  • The canopy doesn’t close super tight

The Fox 3 shines when it comes to performance and features. The cons mainly come down to pricing and portability considerations.

It’s a substantial investment upfront. And the total cost climbs higher once you add accessories like custom fabric sets or secondary seats.

The heavyweight also makes it harder to lift into a car trunk or carry upstairs. A lighter stroller may be easier to manage for city dwellers without elevators.

But overall, the pros far outweigh the cons, given the Fox 3’s superior quality and luxury features.

Let’s look at the key features that make the Fox 3 a functional and stylish stroller:

All-Terrain and All-Weather Wheels

bugaboo fox 3 wheels

The Bugaboo Fox 3 performs well in any environment thanks to its robust wheel system:

  • Oversized rear wheels at 12 inches
  • Front wheels are 9 inches with all-terrain treads
  • Foam-filled tires never go flat
  • Coated hub and rims protect from corrosion

Thick foam-filled tires also provide cushioning and shock absorption, while all-terrain treads allow the stroller to roll smoothly across sand, snow, and other surfaces.

The sealed tires eliminate the hassle of flats. Coated hubs and rims prevent rusting from weather exposure.

Advanced Suspension System

To further enhance the ride, the Fox 3 features a multi-link suspension system on the rear wheels. This allows the wheels to move independently to absorb bumps.

The advanced suspension paired with the foam-filled tires helps isolate the passenger compartment for an ultra-smooth ride, even on rough terrain. Babies can sleep undisturbed over bumps.

One-Piece Folding Mechanism

The Fox 3 features an easy, one-step folding system. To fold, you lift on the handlebar until the stroller collapses.

The one-piece fold creates a very compact shape for storage and transport. And unfolding the stroller is just as simple – lift the handlebar, and everything locks back into the open position.

When folded, the Fox 3 measures:

  • Length: 41.7 inches
  • Width: 23.6 inches
  • Height: 16.5 inches

The compact fold makes the Fox 3 easy to store at home and transport in your vehicle.

Reversible Seat Unit

The Fox 3 has a reversible seat that allows your child to face toward you or out to the world.

Having a reversible seat provides more versatile strolling options:

  • Parent-facing – Soothing for babies, more interaction for toddlers
  • World-facing – Allows toddlers to see their surroundings

The seat can be swiveled in either direction in just one smooth motion. No need to remove the core.

And the seat unit can be reclined to a near-flat position for napping on the go. An adjustable leg rest gives added comfort and support.

Adjustable Handlebar Height

The Fox 3 has an adjustable handlebar to accommodate parents of different heights.

It can be set at positions between 39” to 44” from the ground. So, tall and short parents can find the right handlebar height for comfortable strolling.

And the handlebar is covered in a plush leatherette material for comfort and grip. The sides are also extended to fit your entire hand.

Large Underseat Basket

The Fox 3 features an extra-large basket under the seat, perfect for on-the-go essentials.

It holds up to 22 lbs of gear. Access is accessible from all sides, with plenty of clearance.

The spacious basket can fit many baby gear, like diaper bags, toys, blankets, and other necessities when out and about.

Car Seat Compatibility

For using the Fox 3 from birth, it’s compatible with Bugaboo infant car seats. Models like the Bugaboo Turtle Air or Turtle by Nuna can snap directly onto the chassis.

This allows you to use the Fox 3 as a travel system. Click the car seat onto the chassis to make a complete stroller without disturbing your sleeping baby.

Customization Options in Bugaboo Fox 3

Part of Bugaboo’s appeal is the ability to customize strollers. The Fox 3 is no exception.

You can choose different:

  • Fabric sets – Change colors/patterns
  • Canopies – Pick matching or contrasting
  • Wheel sets – Get sporty air-filled tires
  • Bassinet colors – Match your style

Mix and match to create your perfect stroller. This modularity and personalization are part of the charm of Bugaboo.

How Does the Bugaboo Fox3 Perform?

Beyond looks and features, the key to any stroller is its handling in the real world. Here’s an assessment of the Fox 3’s performance:

Excellent Maneuverability

The Fox 3 earns top marks for its maneuverability and handling. The large wheels and swiveling front casters make it very agile.

Many owners say it practically turns on a dime and can be steered easily with just one hand. The foam-filled tires have plenty of traction for controlled handling.

Navigating tight spaces indoors and out is no problem. The responsive steering paired with the all-wheel suspension provides a smooth, effortless roll.

Ultra-Smooth Ride Quality

The Fox 3 provides the gold standard for ride comfort between the advanced suspension system and foam-filled tires.

Your little passengers will feel like floating on air instead of bouncing around in a stiff stroller. It’s by far one of the smoothest rides on the market.

The comfy seat fabrics and extendable leg rest enhance comfort over any terrain. Babies and older kids alike can ride in total comfort.

Simple, Compact Folding

Folding the Fox 3 into the one-piece compact shape is fast and intuitive. Just lift up the handlebar fully until it clicks and locks into the folded position.

And unfolding is just as easy – lift the handlebar again to lock everything back into place. No bending down is needed, and the frame stays upright when folded.

The folding size is very compact for a full-featured stroller. Easy to store at home and transport in smaller vehicles.

Durable, Premium Materials

As expected for the price, the Fox 3 doesn’t cut corners on materials and construction.

The aluminum frame is very robust to withstand daily use and keep everything stable and wobble-free. High-quality fabrics and leatherette touch points hold up well to wear and tear.

Everything is made and finished to the highest standard that defines the Bugaboo brand. This stroller is built to last through years of constant use.

Bugaboo Fox 3 vs Fox 2 – What’s Changed?

bugaboo fox 3

The Fox 3 builds upon the proven design of the Fox 2 with some noteworthy upgrades:

Bugaboo Fox 3

  • All new woven textiles
  • Redesigned harness system
  • Easier folding mechanism
  • Higher 55 lb weight capacity
  • More padding and a more enormous canopy
  • Higher handlebar option
  • Sun Canopy

Bugaboo Fox 2

  • Legacy model with knit fabrics
  • Slightly simpler harness
  • Folding requires two hands
  • Lower 50 lb weight capacity
  • Less padding in the seat
  • The handlebar is not quite as tall

While the overall design is the same, the Fox 3 refines further. The new woven fabrics and redesigned harness provide a more premium look and improved safety.

And quality of life upgrades like the more accessible one-hand folding mechanism and higher weight rating enhance the overall user experience.

Casual users may not notice a huge difference. But for avid Bugaboo fans, the changes represent a noticeable step up in luxury and performance.

Who is the Bugaboo Fox 3 Good For?

The Fox 3 is ideal for certain types of parents and situations:

Parents Who Prioritize Maneuverability

If your top priority is a stroller that can turn on a dime and has responsive steering, the Fox 3 delivers. It’s among the most agile full-size strollers out there.

In urban areas with crowded sidewalks or indoor spaces like malls and stores, the compact, elegant Fox 3 is in its element.

Families Needing All-Terrain/All-Weather Performance

Thanks to the rugged wheels and advanced suspension, the Fox can roll over any surface while keeping the baby comfortable.

Whether you tackle park trails, live in snowy regions, or need to go off-road, the Fox 3 has the quality to handle it.

It’s an excellent choice for active families or rural areas with rougher terrain.

Parents Who Want a Reversible Seat

The reversible seat lets you tailor the stroller to the baby’s mood and situational needs.

Keep them facing you for bonding and soothing. Then, swap around to let them see the world as they age.

Frequent Travelers Needing a Compact Fold

Flying with a stroller is much easier when it folds up tightly. The one-piece fold on the Fox 3 is compact for its size class.

The Fox 3 offers the right blend of portable size and luxury features for jet-setting parents.

Tall Parents Looking for Extra Handlebar Height

The telescoping handlebar on the Fox 3 reaches up to 44”, which is great for taller parents.

There is no need to hunch over while strolling. The adjustable height range accommodates moms and dads of all sizes.

The Fox 3 suits urban and suburban families who need a sturdy, versatile stroller with all-weather capability and a smooth ride. Parents who want the “best-of-the-best” and prioritize quality over price will appreciate this top-tier Bugaboo.

In The End Bugaboo Fox 3 Review

The Bugaboo Fox 3 impresses with its superb maneuverability, ultra-smooth ride comfort, and versatile reversible seat. Thanks to its rugged tires and advanced suspension system, it tackles any terrain while keeping the baby comfortable.

While expensive, the Fox 3 oozes quality and refinement to every detail. The upgrades over the Fox 2 add even more luxury and convenience. It folds up easily into a compact shape for life on the go.

For families seeking the pinnacle of stroller engineering and design, the Bugaboo Fox 3 represents the new benchmark. It retains everything we love about the Dutch brand’s iconic silhouettes while pushing innovation forward.

The Fox 3 earns our highest recommendation as an elite luxury stroller that can handle anything urban life or outdoor adventures throw at it. Expect it to provide years of refined performance as your child grows from infant to toddler.

If you seek the best for your little one, the Bugaboo Fox 3 delivers a first-class ride in style.

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