Uppababy Cruz vs Vista: Unveiling the Ultimate Stroller Face-off

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family, purchasing a stroller is one of the most important gear decisions you’ll make. When it comes to premium strollers, two of the top choices are the Uppababy Cruz and the Uppababy Vista. Both offer high-end features and urban versatility, but they have key differences that parents should understand.

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll examine the standout qualities of each stroller and how they compare in critical categories. Read on for a complete breakdown of the Uppababy Cruz vs Vista to decide which model is better suited for your family and lifestyle.

Overview of the Uppababy Cruz and Vista

First, let’s briefly introduce Uppababy and the Cruz and Vista stroller models:

Uppababy is a Massachusetts-based company making innovative, high-quality strollers and infant car seats loved by parents worldwide.

Their products blend smart functionality with sleek, modern styling. Uppababy strollers are in the luxury price range but are known for their exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

The Uppababy Cruz is Uppababy’s lighter, more portable stroller perfect for life in the city. Weighing 14 lbs, it maneuvers like a dream but doesn’t skimp on features.

The full-size Uppababy Vista is Uppababy’s flagship stroller packed with versatility. At 26 lbs, it’s heavier but converts to a double stroller and handles rougher terrain.

While both are excellent choices, the Cruz and Vista serve different needs. Keep reading as we dive into the details to distinguish between Uppababy’s two premier strollers.

Here is the comparison table of Uppababy Cruz vs Vista:


Uppababy Cruz

Uppababy Vista



14 lbs

26 lbs


8" front, 11.5" rear plastic wheels

12" front and rear air-filled tires


One-step, self-standing

Two-step, self-standing


Reversible seat, multiple recline positions

Reversible toddler seat & bassinet included

Age Range

6 months+ (22-50 lbs)

Bassinet: 0-20 lbs Seat: 15-50 lbs  


Excellent, easy to push one-handed

Very good, slightly bulkier


Adjustable shocks

Adjustable, all-wheel shocks


The medium basket under the seat

The large basket holds 30 lbs

Travel System

Compatible with Mesa car seat

Compatible with Mesa car seat


Canopy, bug mesh, adjustable handlebar

Rain/bug shields, hoods


Best for pavement

Handles rougher conditions

Double Stroller

No - single only

Yes - converts to double

In-Depth Look at the Uppababy Cruz Stroller and its Pros and Cons

The Uppababy Cruz stroller borrows technology from Uppababy’s full-size Vista but sizes it down into a more agile package. Let’s explore the Cruz’s key features and pros and cons:

Key Features and Specs of the Cruz

  • Aluminum frame – aircraft-grade aluminum provides durability with minimal weight
  • 14 lbs – one of the lightest strollers in its class
  • One-step fold – collapses easily into a freestanding position
  • 4 wheels – 8” front and 11.5” rear wheels, all with independent suspension
  • Suspension – adjustable shocks smooth out the ride
  • Reversible seat – transitions between parent and world-facing orientations
  • Multiple recline – upright to near-flat napping positions
  • 22-50 lb weight range – accommodates babies 6 months+ to toddler years
  • 19” width seat – a roomy seat with safety sides
  • 44” max height – taller seat back as the child grows

Pros of choosing the Uppababy Cruz

  • Excellent maneuverability – nimble and easy to push and turn single-handedly
  • Lightweight at 14 lbs – easier for lifting in/out of car trunk
  • Stands freely when folded – self-standing fold is convenient
  • Large canopy with pop-out sunvisor – provides ample shade for baby
  • Bug mesh on the seat – allows air circulation while keeping insects out
  • Adjustable telescoping handlebar – customize handle height for comfort
  • Car seat compatibility – Cruz accepts Mesa infant car seat with adapters
  • More affordable luxury stroller – lower price point than Vista

Cons to consider about the Cruz

  • Smaller wheels than Vista – may struggle more on rough terrain
  • Accommodates one child only – does not convert to a double stroller
  • Less under-seat storage – narrower base limits basket size
  • Wheels lack air-filled tires – and may have a slightly bumpier ride

While the Cruz is scaled down in size from Uppababy’s Vista stroller, it retains the high-end quality and construction that make Uppababy products stand out. The Cruz balances portability with performance for life on the go with one child.

Details on the Full-Size Uppababy Vista v2 Stroller

The Uppababy Vista v2 is Uppababy’s most versatile stroller, packed with functionality for growing families. Here are the Vista’s main features and specs:

Key Features and Details of the Vista

  • Aluminum frame – lightweight yet durable aluminum construction
  • 26 lbs – heavier than Cruz but lighter than many full-size strollers
  • Two-step fold – easy to collapse into a standing position
  • 4 wheels – 12” front and 12.5” rear wheels with air-filled tires
  • All-wheel suspension – adjustable shocks for a smooth ride
  • Convertible frames – bassinet, seat, and bassinet/seat combos
  • Toddler seat and bassinet included – accommodate babies and children
  • Bassinet suitable from 0-20 lbs – allows the newborn to lie flat
  • Toddler seat holds 15-50 lbs – spacious seat with 20” width
  • 25.7” bassinet length – provides headroom as baby grows
  • 20” seat width – roomy toddler seat with a high weight capacity

Advantages of the Vista stroller

  • All-terrain wheels – air-filled tires handle rough conditions better
  • More legroom and headroom – bassinet and seat roomier than Cruz
  • Bassinet allows the newborn to lie flat – and provides better spinal development
  • Holds up to 30 lbs of gear – huge under-seat basket storage
  • Expands to double stroller – accepts additional seats for two kids
  • Car seat compatible with Mesa – like Cruz, adapts to hold Uppababy Mesa
  • High weight capacity – keeps older kids comfy as they grow

Potential limitations of the Vista

  • Heavier and bulkier – harder to lift repeatedly
  • Takes up more space – less ideal for smaller homes/vehicles
  • More expensive – higher price tag than Cruz
  • Bassinet requires storage when not in use – large and not collapsible

The Vista is Uppababy’s do-it-all stroller tailored for families needing maximum versatility. The ability to add additional seats or a rumble board allows the Vista to grow as your family expands.

Bottom Line Uppababy Cruz vs Vista Stroller Comparison

While the Cruz and Vista share high-end quality and features standard of Uppababy products, they serve different purposes:

  • The Cruz is ideal if you prioritize lightweight portability for urban life. Its one-handed fold and lighter weight make it perfect for public transit, taxis, travel, and smaller spaces.
  • The Vista is the stroller for you if you need maximum functionality as your family’s main, everyday stroller. The ability to add a second seat, rumble board, and bassinet offers adaptable configurations to use from newborn through toddler years.
  • The Cruz is the choice for simplicity – transporting one child comfortably with exceptional nimbleness and ease.
  • The Vista is picked for its versatility – the ability to transform the stroller as needed provides versatility parents of multiple appreciate.
  • The Cruz offers greater agility and smooth handling on city streets with tight spaces to navigate thanks to a more compact wheelbase.
  • The Vista provides more rugged performance on tougher terrain like trails and rough sidewalks thanks to larger air-filled tires and stronger suspension.

When making your decision between the Uppababy Cruz vs Vista, first consider your family’s everyday lifestyle and needs:

Choosing the Right Uppababy Stroller For You

To pick the stroller that’s the best fit, assess these factors:

Age of Your Child

If you’ll be using a stroller for a newborn, the Vista is the only choice as the Cruz does not accommodate infants under 6 months old without a compatible infant car seat. The Vista’s included bassinet allows babies to lie flat.

For children 6 months and up, either stroller can work but the Cruz v2 offers less interior room. Evaluate maximum ages and weight limits.

Your Budget

The Cruz costs approximately $300-$400 less than the Vista. If you’re on a tighter budget, the Cruz still offers excellent quality for the price. The Vista is worthwhile if you plan to use it extensively and take advantage of the convertibility.

Frequency of Use

Do you need an everyday stroller for constant outings and errands or is it primarily for occasional use like travel and weekends out? Frequent use warrants investing in the Vista’s versatility and larger capacity.

Types of Activities

The Cruz excels on pavement in urban areas and running daily errands. Its compact size is also travel-friendly.

The Vista is better suited for off-road adventures thanks to its bigger tires and higher weight capacity. Either can handle casual walking.

Space Constraints

Do you live in an apartment or a smaller home where space-saving is key? The Cruz takes up less room when parked and has a neater storage fold.

Ability to Lift Weight

The Cruz is substantially lighter at 14 lbs. If repeatedly lifting a stroller in and out of your car is challenging, this saves your back.

Our Recommendation

While both Uppababy strollers are excellent choices, here are two example scenarios to help choose:

  • For city-dwellers needing an everyday stroller for one child under 50 lbs, the Cruz is our top recommendation for its one-handed fold, lightweight, and nimble handling.
  • For growing families planning to use a stroller long-term, the Vista is an outstanding investment. The ability to add a second seat or bench provides years of use as your family expands.

In many cases, the Vista makes sense as a family’s primary stroller while the Cruz works well as a secondary travel option you use when your Vista is too large. This two-stroller solution gives the best of both worlds!

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Decision Time: Vista vs Cruz?

When comparing Uppababy’s two premier strollers side-by-side, the Cruz shines if you seek lightweight portability for running errands, commuting, or traveling. Parents needing maximum versatility from newborn through toddler years are well served by the formidable Vista.

Carefully consider your family’s needs and lifestyle. Both Cruz and Vista offer Uppababy’s trademark quality and innovation that make their strollers beloved by parents. Rest assured you can’t go wrong with either model as long as you choose the one tailored for your priorities.

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