What kind of stroller can I take on a plane in 2023

What kind of stroller can I take on a plane? Traveling with young kids is always an adventure, but navigating airport security and flying with a stroller can make it even more complicated. Should you gate check a stroller and car seat or bring the stroller in the overhead compartment?

What kinds of strollers are allowed, especially when considering a double stroller or jogging stroller? Traveling with a baby means addressing these questions and more.

This article will cover everything you need to know about taking a stroller on a plane, ensuring a smoother journey for both you and your little one.

When flying with small children, a stroller is a necessity you need to know when flying. The good news is that airlines have different options for taking a stroller, typically allowing you to check it for free in addition to your standard baggage allowance.

However, it’s important to note that each airline may have its own policies, and some may have restrictions, such as only accepting one stroller and one car seat per child.

Additionally, the size of the stroller matters, as some airlines specify a maximum stroller size with a collapsed diameter.

Despite these considerations, having the convenience of a stroller for navigating the airport is invaluable, even if you have to manage without it before boarding and retrieve it upon arrival.

Can You Bring a Stroller on The Plane or what kind of stroller can i take on a plane

what kind of stroller can i take on a plane

Most airlines allow strollers on board, but there are limitations. You’ll need a compact type of foldable stroller within the standard cabin, such as an umbrella stroller, that will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you.

Bulkier models like jogging strollers usually can’t be brought on the plane unless they foldable stroller within the standard size restrictions. If you’re traveling with a double stroller or one that doesn’t meet the requirements, you’ll likely have to check it instead. Just be sure to be ready to collect the stroller at the gate upon arrival to continue your journey with ease.

Even if your stroller is a lightweight stroller for airplane travel and collapses to a small size, remember that overhead bins can fill up quickly. Airlines typically allow one stroller per passenger, in addition to a stroller and CRS (Child Restraint System) or car seat.

If you’re flying with a lap infant, ensuring a smooth journey involves choosing the right collapsible stroller or any type that meets the airline’s size requirements. While gate checking may still be your easiest option, keep in mind that strollers marked as gate-checked can be damaged in transit, so proceed with caution to protect your travel gear.

What’s the Best Type of Stroller for Airplane Travel?

what kind of stroller can i take on a plane

Look for the most lightweight, compact stroller possible, especially if you’re traveling with a baby or toddler. Umbrella strollers are ideal in this scenario since they fold up neatly and are easy to carry.

Many airlines allow you to gate-check your stroller, along with the car seat, for free, so you can keep your stroller with you until you board the plane. To make your journey even more convenient, choose a stroller that comes with a carrying strap, enabling you to sling it over your shoulder if needed.

This way, you can navigate the airport with ease while keeping your little one comfortable and your hands free.

Another good option is a travel system that includes a car seat and stroller combo. The infant car seat can be installed on the plane while the stroller gets gate checked. These systems are usually pretty streamlined and compact for air travel.

You’ll also want to make sure the stroller has a simple fold that collapses quickly and securely. Practice folding and unfolding it at home to get the hang of it before your trip.

Can You Take a Double Stroller or Jogging Stroller on a Plane?

When you’re flying with a baby or young children, it’s important to understand the airline’s stroller policies and consider what kind of stroller to bring.

Most double strollers and jogging strollers are too large to fit in the cabin of the plane, so airlines will require you to gate check these larger strollers.

Your best option is to take a lightweight umbrella stroller or a compact travel system for your kids, which you can typically bring on board. However, be prepared to gate check your larger stroller at the aircraft entrance. 

For those looking to travel with a stroller that’s more compact and suitable for airplane travel, some specialty travel double strollers are designed to collapse compactly for this purpose.

It’s essential to check the sizing of your specific model before your trip to ensure it meets the airline’s requirements.

By understanding the airline’s stroller policies and choosing the right kind of stroller, you can make your journey more convenient and comfortable for both you and your baby.

What are Airline Stroller Policies?

While policies vary slightly, most airlines allow one stroller and one car seat per child. The stroller and car seat don’t count toward your checked or carry-on allowance.

You’ll need to check in your stroller at the gate or ticket counter if it can’t fit on the plane. They will tag it and return it to you on the jet bridge when you arrive.

Some key things to note about stroller policies:

  • You can check strollers at the gate for free shortly before boarding.
  • Only certain compact strollers can fit in the cabin, all others must be checked.
  • You can check one stroller per child as long as it meets size and weight limits.
  • Strollers marked as fragile can be gate checked but won’t receive priority handling.
  • You must collapse your stroller to gate check it for safety reasons.
  • Claim your gate checked stroller as soon as possible on arrival.

Can You Take a Stroller Through Security?

You can take your stroller through the airport and security all the way to the gate. When you reach the security checkpoint, remember to collapse your stroller and send any bags through the scanner separately, while holding your baby in your arms or using a carrier.

This way, you can easily manage both your stroller and car seat until it’s time to board the plane, ensuring a smoother and more convenient travel experience.

The TSA understands the needs of those traveling with a child. You are allowed to check one stroller without any additional charges. In addition to the stroller, you can also bring essential items like baby formula, breast milk, juice, and any necessary snacks in a small cooler bag without restrictions.

Furthermore, medications and baby care items are also permitted, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable journey with your little one.

If you’ll be traveling with your child on an adult’s lap and plan to board the plane with a stroller that fits the airline’s requirements, it’s important to be aware that if your child will be in a car seat through security, there are some special screening procedures to follow.

Be sure to notify the TSA agent that you are traveling with a baby before approaching the scanner. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient screening process while keeping your child’s safety and comfort in mind.

Should You Gate Check or Bring Your Stroller On Board?

  • Gate checking is easiest for bulky strollers that won’t fit on the plane. You won’t need to worry about collapsing it onboard.
  • For small strollers, gate checking saves you from struggling to find overhead bin space.
  • If you want to keep your stroller with you, an umbrella stroller may fit in the cabin.
  • There is minor risk of damage to gate checked strollers, but most airlines take care with them.
  • Bring the stroller onboard only if you absolutely need it during the flight. Otherwise, gate check.

Tips for Flying With a Stroller

  • Practice folding your stroller quickly before your trip.
  • Check any baggage attached to the stroller before gate checking.
  • Bring a stroller bag or cover to protect it if checking strollers at baggage claim.
  • Keep a hand on your stroller through security until you reach the gate.
  • At the gate, collapse your stroller and let the agent know you need to check it.
  • On arrival, promptly retrieve your gate checked stroller from the jetbridge.
  • Bring a baby carrier as a backup or to use through the airport if checking your stroller.

Can You Check a Stroller at Baggage Claim?

When flying with a baby, you may wonder about the kind of stroller you can take with you. Most airlines have specific stroller policies that allow you to check one stroller and one car seat free of charge at either the baggage claim or the check-in counter if you prefer to use it all the way until boarding.

However, it’s important to note that strollers checked at baggage claim are more prone to getting tossed around and damaged during handling. To protect your compact stroller or larger stroller, consider using a thick padded stroller bag if possible.

This will help safeguard your stroller for airplane travel and ensure it’s in good condition when you need to bring your stroller back into service after your flight.

Additionally, remember that you can check strollers at baggage claim in addition to your regular free checked baggage allowance, complying with the airline’s stroller policies while ensuring a smoother journey for both you and your baby on board.

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In Summary:

  • Lightweight strollers under 20 pounds will fit in the cabin
  • Gate check bulky strollers and joggers for free
  • Check stroller policies of your airline before flying
  • Collapse and check strollers right at the departure gate
  • Watch strollers closely through security lines and the airport
  • Have baby in a carrier while stroller is checked pre-flight
  • Retrieve gate checked strollers quickly on arrival

While navigating the airport with kids and strollers can be challenging, being prepared helps ensure a smooth trip. By following airline policies, gate checking when possible, and using a compact travel stroller, you can breeze through the airport and have an easy, stress-free flight.

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