Veer Wagon vs Keenz: How To Choose the Best Stroller Wagon

Stroller wagons have exploded in popularity thanks to their versatility in handling kids and cargo. But with top brands like Veer Wagon and Keenz on the market, how do you choose the best stroller wagon for your family? In this Veer Wagon vs Keenz comparison, we’ll assess everything from steering and suspension to storage and foldability to help you decide which all-in-one stroller wagon is ideal for your lifestyle.

Whether you prioritize maneuverability through city streets, jogging on trails, or finding space for multiples, understanding the key differences between the Veer Cruiser and Keenz 7S models will ensure you select the perfect fit.

From premium touches to safety features and accessories, we’ve done the hands-on research so you can confidently invest in a high-performing stroller wagon that accommodates your adventures with ease and adorable passengers in tow!

Key Comparison of veer wagon vs keenz:


Veer Cruiser Wagon

Keenz 7S Wagon



32.5 lbs

37.5 lbs


Aircraft grade aluminum

Proprietary lightweight alloy


Sleek, modern

Sporty, colorful


1 padded bench seat

Stadium-style multi-child


Larger coverage, adjustable

Smaller, fixed


Single foot brake

Handbrakes on handlebar


Basic shocks

Adjustable composite leaf springs


Underseat basket

Underseat basket, side pockets


15" thick folded

11" thick when folded

Car Seat Compatibility



The Veer Stroller Wagon and Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon: The Luxury Wagon Strollers Overview

First, let’s get familiar with these two premium stroller wagons:

The Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon touts a sleek, contemporary design with leatherette accents and a matte black frame. It weighs 32.5 pounds and can hold 2 children or up to 45 pounds of cargo in wagon mode. Used as a stroller, it has an impressive 120-pound capacity.

Veer Cruiser Wagon

The Keenz 7S Wagon goes for a sportier look with bright color options and a lightweight aluminum frame. It matches the Veer’s 45-pound wagon or 120-pound stroller weight limits. The 7S stands out with its stadium-style multi-child seating.

Keenz 7S Wagon

While Veer and Keenz share comparable capacities and excellent quality, they differ across the factors outlined below.

Veer Wagon vs Keenz Wagon Stroller – Design and Appearance

The Veer Cruiser and Keenz 7S have distinct styles. Here’s an overview of their looks:

Materials and Construction

Both Wagon feature aluminum frames for optimal durability and lighter weight. The Veer uses aircraft-grade aluminum while Keenz uses a special lightweight alloy. All materials feel high-end.

The Veer Cruiser incorporates luxe leatherette accents on its adjustable handlebar and bumper bar. Keenz uses foam and fabric. The Veer frame has a matte black finish compared to Keenz’s gloss colors.

Aesthetic Style

With its monochromatic palette and leatherette details, the Veer Cruiser oozes modern sophistication. The matte black frame has an upscale, luxurious feel.

Alternatively, the Keenz 7S makes a vibrant style statement with its range of glossy hues like mint, orange, and pink. The sporty vibe suits young active families.

Color Options

Veer offers the Cruiser in sophisticated Slate Grey or Cloud White color schemes. Both feature tan leatherette accents.

Keenz lets you get more creative with colors like mint, tangerine, carbon, and grape. Limited editions in rose gold, sea foam, and sand colors are also sometimes available.

Quality and Finish

Build quality is exceptional on both wagons with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials throughout. The Veer Cruiser edges out the Keenz in terms of luxury fit and finish.

 Maneuverability and Handling Comparison

One key aspect that makes or breaks a stroller wagon is how easily it steers and handles on daily outings. Here is how the Veer and Keenz models compare:

Steering and Turning

The Veer Cruiser offers exceptionally smooth steering using just one hand. The front wheels glide effortlessly with minimal resistance.

Keenz 7S steering has a bit more rigidity that requires two hands for tight turns. This gives it better tracking for moderate jogging but compromises nimbleness.

Ease of Pushing

On flat, paved surfaces, the Veer Cruiser pushes incredibly easily over bumps and cracks. The handlebar can be adjusted for parent height comfort.

The Keenz 7S requires a bit more push force than the featherlight Veer. But its composite leaf springs absorb impacts better for a smoother ride.

Performance on Terrain

The Veer Cruiser can tackle gravel pathways and grass but isn’t suited for serious off-roading. The lower clearance and basic shocks limit rough terrain ability.

With its sportier tires and advanced suspension system, the Keenz 7S can traverse rougher parks and trails better than the Veer. Deep sand may still be problematic.

Passenger Comfort and Safety

From adjustable harnesses to canopy coverage, we compared these stroller wagons across comfort and safety factors:

Seat Padding and Adjustability

Both wagons offer padded seat cushions that exceed standard fabric slings. However, the Veer Cruiser’s padding feels plusher for added comfort over long outings.

The Veer seat reclines to 150 degrees while Keenz reclines to 130 degrees. Both allow kids to nap flat during rides.

Suspension Systems

The Veer Cruiser uses basic shock absorbers that smooth out minor bumps. The Keenz 7S boasts adjustable composite leaf spring suspension for superior vibration dampening.

Harness and Restraints

A 5-point safety harness on the Keenz 7S keeps kids securely contained. The Veer lacks a 5-point harness but does have a safety bar for wagon use.

The Veer Cruiser’s wrist straps allow kids to stand on the back platform without the risk of falling out. The Keenz 7S does not have detachable straps.

Canopy Coverage

For shielding kids from the elements, the Veer Cruiser’s canopy is larger and provides more adjustable coverage than Keenz’s. Both canopies have peekaboo windows.

Veer Cruiser Wagon vs Keenz: Storage Space and Capacity

When you’re out running errands or on a family adventure, having ample, accessible storage is a must. Here is how the Veer and Keenz wagons compare:

Underseat Storage

Both wagons have generous underseat storage areas that can hold diaper bags, snacks, jackets, and other essentials. The Veer’s cargo hammock unclips for easy access.

Keenz edges out the competition with two mesh side pockets big enough for large water bottles or sippy cups. The Veer lacks exterior side pockets.

Weight Capacity

The Veer Cruiser and Keenz 7S offer identical capacities of 45 pounds when used as a wagon or 120 pounds in stroller mode. Both provide ample room for kids and gear.

Keenz’s stadium-style seats mean you can fit 2 smaller kids versus just 1 on the Veer’s bench seat. But the Veer can hold more stuff when not strolling.

Drink Holders and Accessories

Each wagon comes equipped with two built-in cup holders conveniently located for children and parents. Veer and Keenz also sell accessory trays.

The Veer Cruiser has more optional accessories like a sunshade, storage basket, and an insulated cooler bag for drinks and snacks.

Folding and Portability

For life on the go, a stroller wagon needs to fold up neatly and compactly:

Folding Mechanisms

The Veer Cruiser uses a simple one-hand folding mechanism. Release the lever lock, then collapse the handlebar and frame together.

Keenz 7S folding requires two hands. Press both side buttons simultaneously, then fold it down. An auto-lock keeps the 7S folded.

Folded Size

When collapsed, the Keenz 7S is nearly flat at just 11” thick for ultra-compact storage. The more expansive Veer Cruz folds to 15” thick.

Car Trunk Space

The Veer Cruiser’s larger folded size takes up substantial space in smaller sedan trunks. The Keenz 7S tucks neatly into tight spaces when cargo room is limited.

Lifting and Carrying

At 32.5 pounds, the lightweight Veer Cruiser is easier to repeatedly lift in and out of a trunk one-handed without strain. The 37.5-pound Keenz 7S proves bulkier.

Additional Comparison Factors

Customer service, spare parts, practical features, and other factors must all be present and correct in a pram wagon:

Warranty and Customer Service

Both Veer and Keenz offer 24-month limited warranties. Customer reviews praise their responsive support teams and efficient handling of claims.

Parts and Accessories

The companies sell replacement parts and accessories like canopies, handlebar covers, and storage bags. Veer offers more accessories overall for customization.

Car Seat Compatibility

A parent-favorite feature, the Veer Cruiser can accommodate popular infant car seats like Graco and Chicco for seamless transfers. The Keenz 7S lacks car seat compatibility.

Assembly Time

Minimal assembly is required on both wagons. They can be unpacked and ready to roll in under 20 minutes. The Veer Cruiser installs more easily than the more complex Keenz.

Veer Cruiser vs Keenz 7S – Cost and Value

With premium features and performance comes premium pricing. But which stroller wagon gives you more value?

Price Point Comparison

The Veer Cruiser retails for around $599 while the Keenz 7S runs about $699 MSRP. So there is approximately a $100 price difference between the models.

Value Assessment

Given its sleeker styling, greater steering agility, superior canopy, and more accessories, the Veer Cruiser offers better value relative to its lower cost than the Keenz.

Cost Per Use

These stroller wagons are built to last years if not decades. Spreading the upfront investment over hundreds of uses, both offer outstanding value and cost efficiency long term.

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The Best Stroller Wagon For Your Family Is…

In the battle of Keenz vs Veer, both models make for excellent stroller wagons that families will benefit from for years to come.

For parents focused on one-handed steering, cushioned comfort, and modern sophistication, the Veer Cruiser takes the lead.

For those seeking ultimate suspension, a sportier vibe, and multi-child capacity, the Keenz 7S has the edge.

Carefully evaluate your family’s needs in terms of storage, portability, child age and numbers, and intended activities. Consider lifestyle, personal style preferences, and budget when deciding between Veer vs Keenz stroller wagons. Either option will serve your family well on adventures!

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