Things to consider before choosing Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller has been a favorite among mothers and fathers who are mostly on a move and require the pram to be pushed around, in and out, easily. It also serves the style factor as it comes in various pretty colors with a smart looking frame and design. The plus point is that being lightweight it can be easily maneuvered around on all kind of terrains, be it sand, snow, or uneven grounds. The tires and the frame being of extremely sturdy quality, jogging along with the for fitness conscious parents is easy as well as safe for the baby. The storage tray underneath the seat provides ample space to fit in required stuff. It also comes with a foot operator brake which can be easily engaged or disengaged. Many other features that it comes with are an added advantage for buying this stroller.

Why to choose Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller

Easy to fold

The light weight of the stroller allows handling and folding in a convenient manner. The automatic frame lock clicks while folding making it easy to bend and close.


The big enough canopy protects the baby from sunlight and rain showers. It covers ample space overhead the baby so that the baby is protected from all angles and the security is maximum. Also, a peek-a-boo flap window allows the mother to keep an eye on the baby’s activity and position.

Significant curb pop

The curb pop of the stroller is significant allowing it to be propelled and pulled on rough, bumpy terrains as well. The weight is very well evenly distributed striking a balance so that it can also be moved up and down the stairs without much difficulty.

Adjustable handle

The handle of the stroller used to maneuver it around is fully adjustable to suit people of all kinds of heights and a stride of any length. This comes as a feature of convenience as a good adjustable handle makes it easier to direct the movement of the stroller and its operation effortless.

Compatible with carrycot and car seats

This stroller can be used by itself in a very convenient manner and can also be used along with urban jungle carrycot and car seat adapters. A comfortable sleeping recline if required for the baby the carrycot can be easily attached. The use of the car seat suits it use while travelling by car to ensure the baby’s safety.

Lack of snack tray

The stroller does not come with a tray to accommodate any snacks or things that need to be put in for handy use. The lack of accessories posing the need to buy them separately makes it even more expensive.

Large and heavy frame

This stroller is quite heavy to be carried around with ease. The frame is too big when folded making it extremely inconvenient to be put in side and pulled out of the car. It needs too many efforts to be able to fit it in due to the weight as well as a broader frame.

Large harness straps

Though the harness straps are look strong they are too massive to fit in a infant. They cannot be tightened enough to secure the baby firmly which creates a constant fear of the baby falling out due to a bump on the road.

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