Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler Reviews

Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

For many parents transporting an infant and a toddler is almost like an impossible task. A toddler and a baby both have different requirements; therefore parents need a stroller that can fulfill the needs of both a toddler and a baby. A double stroller for both infant and toddler is the best solution in this case. In this article you will get to know about the best double stroller for infant and toddler that is currently running in the market. If you are thinking we are going to give a review about an expensive stroller then you are wrong. The Graco Stadium Duo is a double buggy stroller which works like an all-rounder to transport two siblings of different ages. Like our other reviews, our review will start

How to Choose Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

One of the best features of this double stroller is that, both of the seats are on the same level. In many double strollers, it is seen that one seat is underneath of another or in a position where you cannot watch your baby easily. However, this stroller has seat on the same level and both of the seats are wide, nice and carry separate toy trays.


If you are worrying about the comfort level of your baby and infant then you don’t need to do that. Baby Trend Sit N Stand didn’t compromise a little when it comes about the comfort of this stroller. Both of your baby and toddler will be in a thick padded comfortable seat.

Push ability

Double Stroller for Toddler has large chunky wheels which makes the ride easy and very smooth to push. You don’t need to give extra pressure to push it. In comparison with other double strollers it is narrower which makes it easy to fit through doorways and shopping malls.

Hoods and Boots

As this stroller is large in length ways you do not need large car boot for this double stroller. Both of the seats have nice large hoods which will give your children enough shade. The front hood is easily detachable just with a few clicks. The hoods of this stroller can also go up and down. However, this stroller does not provide any rain cover. Therefore, you need to buy the rain covers separately for this stroller.


This stroller has a one hand fold which is quite impressive. Just by clicking the button and twisting the handle at the same time one can easily fold it up and down. The folding part is very quick, easy which makes it easier for you when you have a baby in your arm.

Extra benefits

Baby Trend Sit N Stand includes elevated rear seat and a window in the canopy which gives a better view of both of the seats. This double buggy stroller has quality sturdy frame, great storage and 2 x5 harnesses which gives proper safety to the baby and the toddler. Moreover, the backseat can be used as a car seat (available separately). The lockable wheels gives this stroller great maneuverability.


The above features are the best features of this stroller. However, there are some more added benefits of this stroller that you should consider before taking any decision about the product.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Cheap compared to the other double strollers.
  • Includes a big basket which opens at the back of the pushchair.
  • There is a footrest on the rear seat which can be used when your baby’s legs are long enough.
  • Best double strollers for infant and baby while going for shopping.


Like other double strollers, this stroller also has some cons. So, here we present the minor cons of this product which you should know before your final purchase decision. You will be glad to know that the list is not that big.

  • Although, this stroller is easy to push, it is heavy on the steering.
  • It is hard to maneuver on uneven surfaces.
  • It weighs around 14 kg which makes it weighty too and for that for many parents it is very difficult to move this stroller.

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Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler Verdict To Buy

If you are looking for the best double stroller for your infant and baby then you can surely think about this stroller. This double stroller is of great price with great features which made it the best stroller in this category. Although it feels heavy and sturdy, this gives a great storage, comfort, good view for both children. In a nutshell this economic tandem will be the best stroller for your toddler and infant.

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