Buying Guides for BOB Revolution SE Duallie Double stroller

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Double Jogging stroller


The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Double Jogging stroller is definitely the one you have been looking for with the perfect design, swift in action and addressing exactly what you want for your kids, the comfort. Its 3 wheeled design with a great suspension system makes possible the handling of the stroller in spite of the kids in it an effortless task. Its capacity of 100lbs is an added advantage as both your kids up to the age of 5 years can be conveniently accommodated in this stroller. And then if you are a enthusiast you can easily achieve your sport without compromising on your duties towards your kids. Take your kids for a stroll while you are without giving your little ones a bumpy round owing to its sturdy design with shock absorbed wheels.

Factors to choose BOB Revolution SE Duallie Double Jogging stroller

Swiveling front wheel

This gives the stroller that extra ease to be moved around freely. The three wheel pattern with the swiveling motion of the front wheel makes maneuvering of the stroller smooth without any hardship. It also comes with strong lock brakes for optimum safety. This front wheel also comes with shock absorbers so that a bumpy trail or your does not give those kicks to the kids.

point harness

The 5 point harness comes with good adjustable belts making it possible to comfortably fit in your infant baby as well as a toddler. It also offers the maximum possible safety to your kids with the snugly fitting harness leaving no room for the baby to slip out or fall off however bumpy the ride.

Reclining seat with canopy

A reclining seat is so very essential in a stroller to ensure utmost comfort of your kids. It not only gives the right position to the child while asleep but also prevents any fall. The movement of the stroller while the child is sleeping can cause the child to fall sideways when upright. This is easily taken care of with the reclining seat to which is added the canopy for protection from sun and rain showers.

Multiple pockets

This stroller comes with ample space to allow you to carry all of those required for you and your babies. Even if you want to do some shopping it has space to put in your stuff so that your hands remain free. Four interior pockets, two seat back pockets with an additional basket underneath the seats offers great storage area.

Padded seating

The seats provided for your little ones are well padded and cushioned to make the trip more comfortable. This especially matters when the child falls asleep and requires being on a soft surface to avoid any hits and bumps during navigation.


This stroller is not very convenient to carry around due its weight and single fold frame. It is too heavy to be carried around with ease.


The stroller does come with a heavy price to pay more so because it does not have accessories to offer along as compared to the rate at which it is priced. The need to pay separately for any kind of accessory makes it even more expensive.

Non-adjustable handlebar

The handlebar is non adjustable making it difficult to maneuver the stroller particularly for a tall adult as constantly being in an uncomfortable position poses a problem for the parent as well as the toddler.

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