Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Review

bob double stroller car seat adapter

Double strollers are not that easy to find in current market. Obviously, you will find products that are not bad in terms of quality but it is tough to find a premium product with everything that you need less than one umbrella stroller. Well, if you are one of the suffering parents then there is at least some hope for you as there is a stroller called Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller which will be able to serve your needs.

Remember that bob double stroller car seat adapter is a premium stroller and premium strollers come with wonderful price which is not reasonable to many. If you are searching for a premium product with great customer support and features, this might be the one that you are looking for. As always, our review will start with the features followed by the pros, the cons and finally the final words. Let’s start the review.

How to Choose Bob Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

As a premium product, you can expect tons of great features in this stroller and you won’t be disappointed if you expect that. The Bob Double Stroller Car Seat Adapter is packed with quality features and most of them are necessary. It is not a stroller that offers unnecessary features. The features are important and you will be benefited from most of those. Let’s see some of them in details.

Easy Maneuvering

Maneuvering has always been an issue with almost every stroller that is out there in the market. This is a problem that even car and bus have to face so you can expect that a stroller will face it too. If you use this stroller, you won’t have to think about maneuvering anymore as the stroller has a brilliant technology to take care of it. No matter how tough the corner is, this stroller will make things easier for you. The reason behind this beautiful result is hidden in the front wheel. Then front wheels are swiveling which means that they can rotate three sixty degree if required. This is not all, they can also work on any surface no matter whether it is mud or tiles.

Quality Suspension

Suspension is something that is not only important for the baby who is inside the stroller but also for the parents who are holding the stroller with their hands. Think of the scenario for a second. You are holding a stroller which is bumping all the way and both your kid and your hands are shaking because of that. Your blood circulation along with the baby health will be miserable if that happens and that is why this stroller is picked by a lot of people. They know that this stroller has a suspension system which will make sure that your hands or even the stroller does not move even if it is in a bumpy road.

Great body

Great body is something that offers you immense safety and that is exactly what you are going to get from this stroller. The stroller is compact as it is made of things such as aluminum and alloy. Plastic has not been used in this stroller and that gives it durability. The aluminum is the perfect thing for a stroller as aluminum is durable and consumer friendly. Therefore, the body will hardly get affected no matter whether you face accidents or not. You can keep this Bob Double Stroller Car Seat Adapter for a long time if used properly.

Extra Benefits

We always tell that you should think about extra benefits while you are purchasing a stroller as extra benefits come in handy in different phases of your stroller’s life. This stroller has warranty and all those necessary features but those are not extra ones. The extra ones can be considered as water proof technology, locking features, harnesses, shades and many more. Overall, you will be having a feel of a winner while you are using the stroller.


Though all the features that you read above are positive things of this stroller, you should also know about some specific pros about it.

  • Great Design
  • Quality Suspension
  • Easy to Carry
  • Accessory adapter
  • Reclining features
  • Water proof


No product is out of error and that is why you should also know about the negative sides of this product. Let’s list the negative sides in this section:

  • High price
  • Not always available in market

Bob Double Stroller Car Seat Adapter Verdict To Buy

It is really tough to find a stroller in current market which is so easy to handle. This stroller is waterproof, easy to move and the harness along with pick a boo window makes things interesting for the kid. Overall, this is a good one to go for unless you have to think about budget.

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